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DeVos Slammed for Arguing Pandemic Ultimately a 'Good Thing' for US Public Education

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/devos-slammed-arguing-pandemic-ultimately-good-thing-us-public-education

Will we ever know their true agenda.
Things must be getting especially strange if Kelly-ann is fed up.


DeVos was absent on the day they handed out hearts and minds …


Betsy, why don’t you go do a distance learning project for all K-12 students and personally pilot one of your yachts into the Mariana Trench? We will come and get you when your brilliant contributions to the Department of Education have been fully realized.


I read this stuff and my blood boils. De Vos is straight up poison.

Then I think “the d-party is running a Biden/Harris ticket – and fading in the polls against a guy in a wig, spray tan make-up, and size XXL Spanx…and Betsy DeVos.”

Then my head explodes.

Sanders/Warren could be up by 15 points. But Liz said Bernie told her a woman couldn’t win – after admitting that Bernie had encouraged her to run in 2016. WTF? Thanks Liz, for your contribution to The Super Tuesday Massacre. Damn, you can’t make this stuff up.


Cruella DeVos just wants to privatize schools and turn them into Christian-everyday schools. Which is what I thought Sunday school was for, and why I never went. How can she possibly understand anything having to do with public education? Or anything scientific, for that matter? So letting some kiddos die from the nasty c-virus is good. In what Universe is letting kids die needlessly a good thing, or even Christian, for that matter? Maybe she needs to go back and study those ol’ Sunday lessons again. Fuck.


I only wish these"unforeseen events" could actually happen. the world would be a much nicer and kinder place. No Cruella DeVos’s, Pompeo Maximus’s, Caligula Bolton’s, Trump’s, or any of the evil neocons scheming to take over the world, ala James Bond villain style. Too bad wishes aren’t for sale somewhere. They’d make a killin’.

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I’m right there with ya, mahn! Wishes were sort of for sale in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I miss Gene Wilder.

Maybe she needs to eat shit and …(rhymes with “high”)!

And souls.

This demented Hexenbeist couldn’t teach a rock to lay still and be quiet. And she’s the highest federal education official? A sick country, suffering from the Trumparonavirus.