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DeVos to Conservative Conference: I Will Replace the Bush-Obama Failed Ideas with My Own Failed Ideas


DeVos to Conservative Conference: I Will Replace the Bush-Obama Failed Ideas with My Own Failed Ideas

Diane Ravitch

Betsy DeVos gave a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), explaining that the programs created by George W. Bush and Barack Obama had failed, and she would replace them with her own ideas. She did not point out that her own ideas have failed too.


My own research has shown that the narrative not told is that of a lack of student engagement. People stuck in the old top-down didactic model will continue to see failure after failure. American kids need to have a voice in what they are taught, how it is done, and why. Otherwise it's people shuffling money around and pointing fingers.


Let's face facts, folks--our children have become the ultimate battleground of the ideologues of all flavors. "Sad!" as the Orange one would say.


Deconstruction requires the implementation of as many failed ides as possible. Betsy Devious will do her fair share on this count.

After Grover Nordquist vowed to "get gubmit to size that we can drown it in bathtub" the GOP started deconstructing as fast as possible so they could prove that gubmit don't work.


On the bright-side. A side project, Free School for Kids! A school where kids can learn the arts and letters, ( music, dance to include tap, ballet etc., drama class, creative writing, painting and sculpture, and other arts, and letters, free of charge. To be taught by community members in your town, volunteering their time, and there is a lot of talented instructors in every community in America. Taught at community town halls, public school music rooms, auditoriums etc. A huge focus on the arts and letters instruction for kids, and of course all free of charge for the kids. It can happen America, spread the idea far and wide, Free School for Kids!


One thing this De Vos creature could never wrap her head around is the fact that in countries where there is far less income inequality, the students perform much better than in the US.

If I mention income inequality in a bad way, then I must be a communist Muslim!

That's great education for you.


" She is not dumb, she is just ignorant."

I doubt that she is either. It seems that she is driven by a religion called "user-pays", an ideology that brooks no argument because it is a religion. Thatcher had, and May has, the same psychological problem. Both were intelligent, albeit anti-social.


Earth to author.

DeVos has no interest other than to destroy public education.

Appealing to some possibility that she might come to some understanding of the value of a public education is either the epitome of naivete, or the epitome of ineffective rhetorical device of argument.

Better to be direct in calling out what she is, the head of a corporate coup that will redistribute public funds into corporate profits.


Do not put your money grubbing, Calvinist fake Christian hands on America's Public Schools, Betsy DeVos! However, no love for "Free School For Kids." Think of it as an after school program. Just imagine kids all across America learning music, theatre, dance, drawing, painting, poetry, short stories, etc. and all the wonderful relationships, and joys that come with it all. Free of charge, can not be all that bad, or around here "Free School For Kids" might need a different messenger to make it palpable. Sad.


As an 8th grade American history teacher, this is what I think would help me and my students: Lot's of resources and ideas on how to teach each lesson. Then, freedom to choose (or develop) what I think works best for me and my students. Every new "initiative" that has been mandated in my district in the last decade has made it more complicated, more stressful, and more difficult to do my job.


The main facts to understand about DeVos is that she's hell bent on totally deconstructing the dept of Ed (with nods from deconstruct the commons Bannon) and that she's a batshit crazy Chritso-facist Dominionist billionaire rich bitch.


Wonderful use of adjectives...:v:


I respect Diane Ravitch for being an equal opportunity critic. Arne Duncan certainly didn't escape her wrath:

So, Ms. Ravitch, here's my appeal: use your platform to subvert the duopoly. They're both beholden to the education-industrial complex. They both prefer compliant workers over citizens capable of self-assertion.

Thanks for listening. Have a nice day.


That WIERD. They work for and get their pensions paid for by the government- uh I mean taxpayers. So.... denounce the same government that you are paid by-duh that really makes sense doesn't it?


As if a numerical score can define a human being. Even colleges do not grade courses according to one performance on a test. They get an idea of how you interact with others, follow directions, and have a level of motivation. Also, there are advisors hopefully helping students to reach a viable and realistic path.


Another billionaire who insists on a title. Perhaps she should stick to being mommy and dishwasher.


And probably was invented by people who have no clue as to children learn. Perhaps they should remember their own childhoods. One of my most influential teachers ( besides parents and other relatives) was my fifth grade teacher who appreciated my strengths. Also, she was different herself and she cared.


Great post! Human beings are not grades or charts. Sometimes some of the students who have the highest grades are rich, snobby and entitled. ( and of course so "mature"). Just training kids for jobs does not cut it. It's being with others and hopefully retaining relationships that help form the community.


Corporate profits again I know. You'd think it would get boring for these people already.


People sometimes underestimate kids. We teach ourselves and each other as well even when we are kids. Imagine having a teacher directing every move even how to play. Kids today often do not know how to play or even socialize- spend too much time on a computer or cell phone. ( oops).