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DeVos Voucher Plan Would Exacerbate Educational Inequality


DeVos Voucher Plan Would Exacerbate Educational Inequality

Jerusha Connor

Students in schools with concentrated poverty know that their schools have less than schools situated in wealthier communities, but when they come face to face with exactly how much less, the experience can be painful.

A forthcoming book by Cynthia Taines, as well as a recent initiative between students in Philadelphia and Methacton, Pennsylvania, shows what happens when students from under-resourced schools visit well-resourced schools just a few miles away.


The appointees Trump announced during the three days after his November 9 victory confirmed that, contrary to serial populist platitudes during the campaign, the Trump Regime would be all about expanding inequality.

Subsequent appointee nominations have bolstered that posture.


So nothing has changed then? The Obama administration presided over the greatest shift of wealth from poor to rich that the US has ever seen. Its education policy was distinguished by its privatisation and voucher plans. Do you expect the Democrats to turn around now and lead a real opposition?


Just as they did during the Dubya Regime, Democrats exploit their base's anguish with more donation solicitations.


Three purposes
1. Kill the teachers unions
2. Reestablish separate but equal
3. Put Jesus in front of the class.


Yes, I agree with this! We do have separation of religion and state , but that is her mantra. Typical billionaire acting like money and wealth are everything just making poor kids feel more deprived even if they have a sense of family and community. Taking someone out of a community is harmful. If these idiots really wanted to help they would help the communities with jobs and infrastructure instead of crashing the economy and rewarding Wall Street.


Something else: Most states get their funding and policies from the state level. However, DeVos hates students with disabilities and is anti semitic.


She also hates unions and believe that teachers make too much! I guess inheriting a billion dollars does not count for her.