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DeVos's Channeling of CARES Act Funds Seen as Boosting 'Perennial Goal' of Advancing Voucher Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/devoss-channeling-cares-act-funds-seen-boosting-perennial-goal-advancing-voucher

My political cartoon for today would be:
DeVos would be the prominent one of a smoky room full of cigar chomping suits. Perhaps getting pats on the back.

Social Security, the Post Office, public schools, public anything–these tentacles of the giant vampire squid want it ALL, and are using the covid crisis as cover. And of course, corporate media are conspicuously absent on this issue, being much too busy with their breathless coverage of military flyovers and Cute Kids Making Masks. Thanks again, CD.

Keeping in mind the difference of capitalism VS democratic socialism. The things supported by dem. socialism are non profit. The police, fire, schools and government etc.
Some things we will have to fight to keep out of the hands of the profiteers.