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DHS Agents Treat Undocumented Immigrants as Criminals in Hospitals, Shackling Them to Beds and Impeding Care, Study Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/dhs-agents-treat-undocumented-immigrants-criminals-hospitals-shackling-them-beds-and


From the article:

“‘Our leaders must treat all Californians with the same compassion we would hope for when we need it,’ Buiza added.”

Socialism (or the Golden Rule, if you prefer) in a nutshell.


California passed the bill that funds healthcare for all immigrants, that said. This is how it breaks down in dollars and cents. Before you get all upset about this article, this is about federal spending. It is at issue though with M for All.

A typical Libertarian article complaining US Households pay on average 53 dollars a year in taxes to provide healthcare to “undocumented immigrants”.

How much do those same taxpayers pay in Military spending to blow those Countries up with the US Military. How much to they pay a year to support destabilization efforts as goes on in Venezuela? How much to do they pay a year to support Coups and Right wing dictatorships in those Countries these people flee from. How much to they pay a year to train those right wing leaders at the School for the Americas? How much do those US taxpayers garner each year from “their share” of the natural resources plundered by US Corporations in those Countries?

The US Taxpayer owes these people a lot more than 53 dollars per year.


PNAC’s new Pearl Harbor, a.k.a. 9/11 is working perfectly now that a whole generation has been indoctrinated. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be very very afraid of being afraid, lest you lose what freedom might still remain Americans.


Ok, I guess I should have made it clear I didn’t endorse the conclusions drawn but it is a good analysis of access, cost, and how those costs are met. This article is about immigrant healthcare and legal justifications for incarceration and what that implies. The U.S. gave several billion dollars to both Mexico and Central America to ease the issue of migration. Can you give me a break down on that?

OH I would have to search to find a breakdown of those costs but it akin to the Cops punching a guys head in and the Society absolving itself of what was done to that person by the cops by taxpayers paying his medical bills.

Libertarians have to get away from examining everything from a “dollars and cents” perspective and understand that what they critique in their myopic world has causes that points right back their way. Libertarians need to understand that everything is CONNECTED as is everyone and running the world based on individualism and self interest will result in blowback.


I’m not a Libertarian. I did work in community integration for 20 years or so years and I live in a state where 4 out of every 10 workers are undocumented.

If you are going to offer services you have to have a plan for providing them. The CA plan was pretty reasonable. It opened health services to undocumented people when the only reason for denying it was documentation. Better than just charging it.

Oh the comment was not directed at you. It was more a rebuttal to the article you linked to and Libertarian Philosophy in general (In particular that strain espoused in the US by the Koch Brothers and the like)

Ok, thanks for explaining that. Yeah, I’m not a big Libertarian fan either. You have valid points too about the U.S. not being a good neighbor.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you need to make a qualifying distinction and say “4 out of every 10 FARM workers are undocumented” in your state. Otherwise, please do direct me to some sources showing this breakdown of the working population of your state.

I think there is probably some variation because how it is determined as undocumented. This site is from 2014 and states 1 in 10 in a variety of occupations. Recent statistics though put it at 4 in 10.


Could we please merge the adjacent International Criminal Court story with this story? Taking people who fled for their lives and ripping children from their parents is the stuff of pre-Civil War abolitionist writings. Holding those same little kids without cause in torturous conditions forever and ever is a violation of conventions that the U.S. Senate has ratified, therefore it’s a violation of U.S. law, binding on all U.S. and state judges and all judges of other signatory countries. “I was just following orders” is defined as not being a valid defense against these law violations. All such prison guards are, by law, specifically required to disobey such illegal orders, and failure to do so can result in prison time for any or all co-conspirators.

If you are accused of violating the rights of innocent people, you are at risk of being seized in any country, by any judge, then rendered unto the International Criminal Court in the Hague, then put on trial, then retained in prison without bail.

Older white women still lock their car doors when they see a black man walking down the sidewalk.

I’m an older white woman, and i don’t lock the door when I see a black man walking down the street. i don’t fear black men.

Interesting … thanks for the link.

your welcome. We have a large immigrant population here, 10 million so there is always data,

Good for you.