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DHS Immigration Memo Underscores Urgent Need for National Guard Reform


DHS Immigration Memo Underscores Urgent Need for National Guard Reform

Ben Manski

A general alarm has risen in response to the recently leaked draft memo from Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly outlining steps for the deployment of National Guard units, as well as other measures, across vast regions of the country to hunt down and detain those suspected of being undocumented immigrants to the United States. The Trump administration has sought to distance itself from the memo, pointing out that it is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and not a White House document.


Manski provides some real food for thought here. I appreciate an offering with a view of what's possible (if one steps outside the box), and provides a more hopeful and egalitarian use of defense dollars, I admit we're a long way from there, but an ideal worth shooting at!


"The United States have not been invaded since 1941".

I thought that the last invasion of the USA was back in 1812, The Japanese air-raid on Pearl Harbour was not an invasion in anyone's language. It was merely an air raid, just one half day's worth at most.


Hitler also left it to his subordinates to carry out his wishes, thus distancing himself. Mao and Stalin employed the same trick. It is how an emperor makes use of courtiers.


The Japanese invaded Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians in 1942.


Manski's solution to the potential use of the National Guard in enforcing Immigration Laws wouldn't result in a restriction on such use, but would result in a much weaker NG. If Congress followed the recommendation, and prohibited the use of the NG for combat overseas, they would soon see the need to re-purpose funding from the NG to the active Army. No sense in buying tanks, artillery and aircraft for the States when you cant use the units overseas. So the active Army would expand to compensate for loss of NG units, and the NG units would lose their equipment which was bought with Federal funds. The un-equipped NG remnants would still be available to Governor's to enforce immigration laws, just as envisioned in the DHS memo. And the Army would likely send the NG its obsolete equipment like it did during the Cold War.


Okay. Thanks.