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DHS Will Start Doing DNA Tests on Migrants To Uncover Imaginary "Fake" Families and This Is All Totally Normal

DHS Will Start Doing DNA Tests on Migrants To Uncover Imaginary "Fake" Families and This Is All Totally Normal

In a deliciously Nazi-cum-Big-Brother-flavored move aimed at curtailing the "flood" of "fake" families sneaking into the country to steal our cherished mylar blankets, the Department of Homeland Security - just lookit that name - will launch a pilot program DNA-testing migrant families to ensure their "kids" are really their kids and not Skrulls or gang members or part of "child recycling rings." ICE swears they won't use the DNA info for any nefarious purpose, and God knows we can trust them.


Another home run, Abby! Where else do you get to expose these Nazis…we’re basically the choir here. Do you ever get to testify before any piece of Congress? I don’t ever see any MSM. Does anyone give you a chance to tell your stories?


It is a poorly kept secret that they are building a massive DNA database by any and every means available.
Whether the DNA is given freely by naive fools in the form of “free” ancestry tests or taken by force via cheek swabs etc, it all gets stored somewhere.
Given the psychotic tendencies of the current (and past) US administration the potential for horrific abuse is staggering.


Given DHS’s history of losing track of DNA results, I wouldn’t worry too much about any attempted nefarious usage of DNA data. If they tried to do anything nefarious with DNA data, they would first deserve to be openly laughed at, second heavily mocked, third thoroughly blocked from performing any actions.

DNA doesn’t make a person a parent. Adopted, don’t know who the father is, incarceration, disability…Many reasons DNA might not match.
Care and love make a parent.

I understand there is a trafficking and sex abuse problem within the US currently. DNA is not the cure-all.

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A 90-minute DNA test! I had to wonder whether Theranos is now in the DNA biz. How valid, how much and you’re really not going to keep the data around? The tooth fairy is more real. Nicer “person” too.
If they are willing to put up the money to DNA test every migrant then either they are more willing to spend money than all the DA’s in the country who are afraid a DNA test would show they’ve wrongly prosecuted someone - or - it is cheap enough that no DA should object to such a cheap and super-quick test (on the other hand is a 90-minute test any good? How does this 90-minute test compare to other DNA tests?) And, hey, what about adopted kids? Step kids (like me)? Cousins. Kids from the same mother and another father? Etc.
Then, again, back to the fantasy world of these supposed rent-a-kids by the droves. Cripes.