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Dialogue, Peace, & Democracy: Tunisian Labor and Rights Coalition Wins Nobel


Dialogue, Peace, & Democracy: Tunisian Labor and Rights Coalition Wins Nobel

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday awarded its prestigious Peace Prize to Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet—the coalition of labor unions and human rights groups that forged a path to political compromise following the country's 2011 "Arab Spring" uprising.

The announcement was immediately met with cries of mabrouk, or congratulations, to the ordinary people who made the initiative possible.


Maybe sanity can grow where the oil doth not flow.


Too bad that Edward Snowden, whose revelations made the Arab Spring possible, was never awarded the recognition.
But congratulations to the winners, nevertheless.
Now if we could only get the committee to rescind the awards to Obama and Kissinger, the award could really mean something again.


I applaud the Committee and the people of Tunisia. I do hope that the Committee rescinds the Peace Prize awarded to Prez Obama who has not earned it, and in fact has made a mockery of his prize (and fools of the Committee). Obamas lauding military actions and dominance in his recent pathetic UN speech, supporting and arming the Saudis attacking Yemen's people, Egypts repressions and posecutions, Israels continuing crimes against Palestinians, in the Occupied Territories, Turkey's renewal of war and attacks on the Kurds (the ONLY force capable of fighting Daesh psychopaths and repeatedly betrayed by the US and others), drone strikes killing many in the Tribal Regions and elsewhere, Iraq's dysfunction & sectarian violence, incomprehensible US policy in Syria and attack on the MSF hospital and more prove the point, IMO.

It seems the Committee was more excercising wishful thinking and Obama's pre-election rhetoric (counting "chickens" before they hatch) that has proven worthless in all areas including "peace"...... The only thing even remotely "peaceful" in Obama's tenure (and that remains to be seen) is his part in the US deal with 5 other nations and Iran. His rhetoric was deception-filled with many misrepresentations and false claims about Irans "nuclear" program and alledged quest for nuclear weapons (no doubt to placate the warmonger Israelis).