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Diane Ravitch to Readers: Don't Let Charter Industry Silence John Oliver


Diane Ravitch to Readers: Don't Let Charter Industry Silence John Oliver

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

What do an education historian and a late-night comedian have in common?

Shared opposition to the fraud and abuse associated with charter schools and other privatization efforts, of course.


I like John Oliver. Good luck to him on this battle. He is funny. Oliver's coverage of the Sanders campaign and the Dem Convention was abolutely shameful. No mention of all the shennanigans, he could have had a field day. Same with his coverage of Brexit, imo.


Diane Ravitch no child left behind.


Apparently the charter school industry is well worth tracking and investigatng. Here is a listing of scores of articles from 2014 up to 2015 compiled by Integrity in Education.

Seems to beg the question of why the corporation personhood model epitomized in Citizens United is in crisis because of its own modeling (the need to defraud for its intravenous profit feed via its exploding 'derivative' end and its subsequent 'austerity' now globally emblematic). Might it be because it is fraudulent to the core to assert that an abstract business model is a 'person'? Can you say "I want to be emperor of the empire"? OK... that could be a person, albeit neither healthy nor desirable to replicate and that according to the very notion of 'emperor'. So there are all these naked emperors running around. Hmmm... doesn't look too good for the origins of societal well being unless there is vibrant civic activity.

Dependent on tax subsidy while decrying simple basic oversight, the model sounds more like a rogue bullhorn claiming to be better than civic engagement in public schools. Perhaps that is because along the way the corporate parasitism so quietly hidden in 'externalized costs" have impoverished the communities that originally educated the creative people who balanced civic societal well being and creative education through which any halcyon years actually emerged anywhere.


This story is important. My daughter just got a job in a charter school in Los Angeles County. It is in a rundown group of buildings and trailers. She is being hired for 29.5 hours a week so they don't have to pay her benefits or overtime. She is expected to teach 8 classes a day from K-4th grade, with only one 20 minute lunch break. All classes are held OUTSIDE IN THE HEAT. This is not even legal. I am appalled at the whole situation, both for the students attending these schools and for the exploitation of the young people who are hired to teach there.


His takes on Trump had me laughing out loud.

Oliver is a comedic genius.


The term "your" applies to things you own: like your car.

The term "you're" (which your sentence requires) means you are.

This 4th grade grammatical item is missed by at least 15% of posters to this site.

Also, whether you or I turn off our televisions has little impact on what MILLIONS of people are taught to believe constitutes news, or what's allegedly true.

The prescription that speaks to the individual--voter, consumer, activist--without recognizing the profound sociological impacts of major phenomena and practices, is another boilerplate Koch Brothers' talking point.

It makes a few people feel good while doing nothing to heal a broken, betrayed, and deceived society.


Agree, I learned about 'Drumpf' from Oliver :wink:


I detest grammarians almost as much as I detest Hillary and Trump.


Hi there,


Once upon a time, there were trees, and rivers, and even sunsets. Then came Mark Zuckerberg and he save us from all that.


Education Inc.


Wow, Breaking News: Cyberspace is not real! And, Mark Zuckerberg is not your friend, either.


More well explained news with Oliver than on mainstream news. Connect the dots - how rebellious is that? lol You go John.
Yeah, the free market hates to let anyone tell everyone what it is they actually do.


Just to be sure that you have access to a rudimentary introduction to 'petitions' -

The Petition Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of the people "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." The right to petition has been held to include the right to file lawsuits against the government.

You might want to keep in mind that just because we're seeing a very intense embattlement of processes that have been evolving and will continue to evolve, doesn't mean that the history, scope and scale of processes should succumb to the void. History has never been perfect and, I'd imagine, you get the gist of what that can mean.


Ravitch's comments are dead on.

"Fraud is a feature of deregulation, not a bug," Ravitch added.

And my experience as a government accountant and political activist is that all privatization is about schemes to bilk taxpayers.


As long as 40+% of the population can be snookered into voting for Trump do you really think there is a chance to change anything? The people are just stupid. We are returning to a feudal society. It worked for the Catholic Church for 1000 years. Keep the population poor and uneducated and you can do what you want.


When I hear the term "public/private partnership", I reach for my revolver. The public interest should NEVER be entrusted to private enterprise.


Most charter schools are in it for the profit, not the kids. They are business. Such an entity should not be allowed.


Since when did replying to a critic = intimidation?