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Dianne Feinstein Is Not Who You Think She Is


Dianne Feinstein Is Not Who You Think She Is

Marcos Brenton

Dianne Feinstein never should have run for a fifth term in the U.S. Senate. An 85-year-old career politician, who would be 91 at the end of another full term, is treating the position she has held since 1992 as a lifetime appointment.


Another perfect example of the need for Term Limits.


I don’t support term limits–but she needs to go------and the media here in Calif is painting her as the inevitable winner-----De Leon is not the perfect candidate----but he would be a very different voice in the Senate.


The article reeks of agism. If you’re really against Feinstein’s corruption it would not have been hard to compile a real list including the MIC and extending far past that Iraq war vote. Instead this reads like someone who apparently either doesn’t do his homework or doesn’t care about corruption or what it really sounded like - the DNC eating their own to get someone even more corrupt in. That’s what they’ve been doing for the last 2 years - yes propaganda on liberal sites against their own to get in someone even more sold out. That actually is the only way sounded to me when I saw the lack of substance. Relying on - ageism is relying on bigotry and completely lacking substance. Try harder. But, you have to be against corruption, first, to care to find the corruption.

I won’t be voting on AGE, thanks. I have INTEGRITY. I also don’t vote on people just because they are a WOMAN. And, I am a woman. Man it sounds like the DNC wrote this piece - a group who would tell people to vote like that. Just saying. I have to drive home from work now scratching my head going, I haven’t seen that kind of bigotry since Hillary’s run when she kept insulting groups of people not voting for her, on the left.


Diane Feinstein is a fine representative of one of the two right wing pro corporate prowar parties. She has defended the ruling one percent for decades and has done an amazing job suppressing working people in this country. There is no reason to replace this woman even in her grave as the ruling class really does not need another actor representative. Just accept that we are a totalitarian capitaliist country and stop the political theatre. It really is a waste of money.
Let Queen Diane have another term. Her replacement may be theatrical but will still not do anything but obey the corporate masters…


I’m not sure she is out of touch with the California voter and that is why she keeps getting re-elected. She is able to secure most of the status quo democrats but also many of the conservative, right wing Republicans because they know she will not do anything too progressive. Remember - California has consistently voted in favor of the death penalty - not a very progressive thing. They also voted down the requirement to label food products as GMO. If the people will change, we might get some progressive people in office but I think we have a problem with the populace and their attitudes.


It’s not possible to have a problem with the populace. That would mean that there’s a problem with democracy.