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Dianne Feinstein Was Harder on Preteen Climate Activists Than She Was on Amy Coney Barrett

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/dianne-feinstein-was-harder-preteen-climate-activists-she-was-amy-coney-barrett


Although once upon a time “bipartisanship” may have meant “reaching across the aisle”, subsequent to the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation it was redefined to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda, a definition that Feinstein has embraced ever since.

Just as RBG should have retired when Obama could have replaced her with a moderate successor, Feinstein needs to retire NOW, or be recalled so she can spend more time with HER money…er family, and stop messing with OUR money and OUR families.


'Dianee Feinstein was harder on preteen climate activists than she was on Amy Coney Barrett"
Well, yeah, she’s AGAINST the climate activists…


There is good news: this is very likely Feinstein’s last term.

Its going to be a LONG four years before her term ends.


“But did Democrats — and Sen. Dianne Feinstein in particular — really need to give in so easily?”

Anyone who did not see the capitulation of the democrats coming is hopelessly naive and duped. The faux resistance party has no problems with the confirmation of a justice who votes always for the interests of the wealthy and for corporations, over the masses. I really have lost patience with those who cannot see the democrats complicity in this political theater.


Yeah, that’s good news, but the reality is the neoliberal Feinstein and the rest of her ilk in the party have already completed their jobs, the damage is done. The left no longer has the climate time to wrestle the party back from the republican-lites that now infest “the party of the people”.
IMO Feinstein’s positive comments and the hugging of Graham in the proceedings was the final middle finger to those of us on the left, in this country. She knows, as well as the others like her in the party know, what they have done to this country, to enrich their bank accounts.


Two words: TERM LIMITS


From what I’ve read, Senators in the Democratic caucus haven’t been impressed with her committee seniority the last couple years. This is all unnamed sourced reporting from the Hill and other rags, but colleagues seem to think she’s not quite with it. If she gets the Chair come 2021, I don’t think other Senators are going to be as open to re-instituting rules and “norms” their Republican colleagues have smashed. I hope so at least.


Term limits were devastating in California after they were instituted. Voters finally modified them as a result. They gave lobbyists much more influence since they could piggy-back an issue for much longer than termed-out legislators. They could also take advantage of ignorant new legislators and cultivate soon-to-be gone sitting ones easier. There are whole studies on term limits and they simply don’t accomplish what people think they do.

The best term limiters are the voters.


Dianne Feinstein is a great example of why we should never vote for someone based on their gender, or any other demographic. We need to look at who the person is.


Who is going to repeal Roe, ACA, voting rights, etc.? Why yes, it’s the Democratic Party. Congratulations to all those California “prochoicers” who voted for Feinstein instead of de Leon. Guess what? You overthrew Roe too!


As I say above, there’s good news: this is almost certainly her last term. And, given the maskless hug of Graham, it’s sadly possible her tenure could end sooner rather than later.


Exactly the point! It’s not simply her forgetting or not giving enough of a fuck to feign, prevaricate, equivocate or LIE. The party elite ARE simply taking the planet with them? The last general elections were blantantly to assure Plutocracy, to the point that dead eyed oligarchs are installed or buy all media sources to distribute our equity, labor, homes… to their multinational sponsors & ensure indentured peonage. And there’s no longer any reason to play-act, since those that can SEE are demeaned, denigrated, ignored. Certainly, nothing new? Maybe HBO or Netflix will cast somebody who can fake Brooklyn or Bronx accents, the next time?

When Trump informed sneering criminals of the plague; I’m curious how she reinvested the proceeds, from shorting us? Betya, it wasn’t just a $11K freezer full of artisian gelato?






Yes indeed! I noticed that myself- how Feinstein complimented and fawned over this destroyer of people’s lives, in the past -and into the future-as well as helping to continue the destruction of the planet itself, with her obvious climate change denial.,
while she showed nothing but impatience and contempt for the
CHILDREN who asked her to do more to stop Global Warming…
they were essentially shown the door at her office-
Feinstein ain’t our friend.Retire after the election…


5-7 years max anyone wishing to serve the public good.

I agree about short term limits and how it’s screwed up California’s legislature. They’ve been singularly unable to pass important pieces of legislation, like to increase the state’s housing stock despite have Democratic supermajorities in both chambers.

But the problem is that politicians get entrenched. Dianne Feinstein has been in the Senate since 1992. That’s almost 30 years. My “representative” Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 33 years. This is just too long. Even if they had started with some idealism and good policies, after that much time retaining office and to slake their power lust became Job #1. “Power tends to corrupt.”

I’d be for term limits of, say, 4 terms in the House, and 3 in the Senate.


It’s 2020 and the planet is burning. Feinstein and the other Fossil Fools in BOTH corporate parties MUST be retired already. They all endanger our children’s future.


It should be obvious to anyone with a working frontal lobe that Feinstein is simply part of the duopoly that serves the right wing war party, and the unlimited big money that preserves such a totally non-democratic system of government that we have.
If only journalists addressed that issue, vs complaining about something that is pedestrian, predictable and not surprising
Dems continued and increased every war right wingers started😩.
Dems support the same flawed system of corporate governance that has created our current appointed government.
Why journalists don’t address this fundamental issue, one that causes/enables this type of gross negligence to humanity is what surprises me.
I cal that simply presstitution. The failure to address the real issues, instead wasting time debating the symptom ads of that issue.


Journalists do address the real issues, until they’re forced to hole up in an embassy and silenced by extradition to the land of the free and home of the brave to be slammed into solitary confinement and worse for reporting the truth.