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Dianne Feinstein Was Harder on Preteen Climate Activists Than She Was on Amy Coney Barrett

Look, I hate to say this, but Feinstein and others like her need to get out of the way. They are in the way of real progress. Her, Schumer, Pelosi, even Biden. I am biting the bullet now and voting for Biden, but that needs to be the last of it. No more of this “this is the most important election ever” while two corporate stooges are running against each other. Change can’t come in increments anymore, we’re past that. It must come now.


I can see your point for extended term limits. On the other hand, “entrenched” just means “wins the most votes” on a continuous basis in their districts and states. History is full of “entrenched” politicians that suddenly become in unentrenched. We just witnessed several examples in 2018, like Pete Sessions and John Culberson, Republicans who served their congressional districts for nearly 20 years each.

The US is an extraction maximalist country. Both natural resources and IP, and jobs/wages.

We would happily sacrifice our people’s jobs and the lives of future generations for more profits now.

These days, The People Don’t Matter.

Its all a big sham now.


Curse you, Dan White!

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Hi – California elected Gov. Newsom – has suffered increasing fires
over the last 10 years – and this year temperatures up to 111 degrees –
was the first and perhaps even the only state to push for Electric cars …
WHY has Feinstein been able to linger?

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bla bla bla

That’s nonsense. Take Pelosi for example. Regardless of voter turnout, every 2 years she gets between 78-82% of the vote – her district is the City and County of San Francisco – according to the San Francisco Department of Elections, even when people run against her. She doesn’t even campaign here because she knows she doesn’t need to. She has her job in the House as long as she wants it. So much for the voters being the best term-limiters!

You beat me to it.

Better yet: require a 10% increase in support each term, 15% for Senate. Can’t get that? Then you’re not doing your job well enough to keep it.

Uh, maybe people in her district like her? She has done a good job getting money to the district, after all. Just see the federal dollars for Presidio clean up, something she’s championed (it’s beautiful now). Just because voters want to keep someone doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind later too. I mentioned two “entrenched” Republicans who did lose in 2018 in my comment above for that reason.

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The primary flaw in your suggestion, is the confusion that Obama was a “moderate.” Barry was a neofascist corporatist, just like movin-kinda-slow-Joe. And just like Biden, expanding the USSC by including another 4-5 reichwing corporatist justices, would definitely not make anything better, giving Obama another opportunity to add another corporatist justice to the USSC bench would not have made things better either! Unless Fascism is your goal.


this dragon lady needs to be retired asap! what a bitch.

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Isn’t it strange that most of the Dems drink as much Koolaid as Trump followers? Both go along w the corporate propaganda whether it’s FOX or MSNBC, etc.
Until everybody, red and blue, sees clearly that both corrupt parties have been draining the 99% to enrich the 1%, we’re all doomed.

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Yes, many Dimcritter enablers AND GOP enablers will soon be fighting for space to live beneath bridges and will continue to blame the other for their plight.


And I absolutely remember , in horror as she dissed the students and told the middle-schoolers that that they did not vote for her. “YOU didn’t vote for me.” She told the camera and them, not realizing that the voting age is 18 yo and they could not vote for her even if they wanted to.

Anyway, I have no idea why Californians vote for this corrupt, rotting carcass every term. At that time I knew that the pleading of the people with this thing, is not going to sink in her because she said all that that needed to be said to be acknowledged as callous, essence-less, corrupt being. But, I am sure she loves her dog, and grandkids just like any other grandma. UGH!

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the voters of SF, I suspect, are busy counting their money and wonder when they can snort their next line.

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I regret the votes I cast for both.

It seems as if Pelosi was not as bad as she is today in the past.

Trade deals that sell the country out were a turning point that put us on a path to evil…