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Dick Cheney Never Disappoints


Dick Cheney Never Disappoints

Jim Lobe

Previewing his September 8 address on the Iran deal to (who else?) the American Enterprise Institute, Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz have published a lengthy op-ed (“Restoring American Exceptionalism”) in Saturday’s print edition of The Wall Street Journal.


Why is this guy given a Platform instead of a prison cell?


I challenged several Iraq war enthusiasts, before the invasion, that I would bet them a month's pay that no WMD would be found in Iraq. None of them would put their money where their mouth was. I was very confidant that I would win but there was a kernel of doubt in my mind, because who better than the man who gave Sadam WMD in the first place - Cheney - would know that they might have them?


You know you must be living in the fascist, Fourth Reich when a war criminal like Dick is not in prison for war crimes and for admitting torture ( " I would do it again ") . And to add insult to injury, Dick is given access to the corportate, presstituted, MSM and the WSJ!


I do not understand why this man is able to even have a platform to sprout his lies and hate.


True. And if Amerika was a real democracy they and many more would have been put in prison long ago. Starting with the Warren Commission that whitewashed the U.S. Coup d' etat in 1963.


So true, the beginning of all of our current problems?


Goebels would explain.


Mr. Lobe, you are far too kind to an as yet undeclared War Criminal:

"Who knows if Cheney knew or had reason to know that those statements were false at the time that he spoke them."

Plotting 911 wouldn't tweak your argument?

Planning a tearing up of the Middle East as part of a "Project for a New American Century"... a blueprint that pre-dated 911 but came into direct operation thereafter wouldn't change your stance?

Having at the ready, a legion of "enemy combatants" to endure torture all as live props to a war based on FIXED evidence--as The Downing Street Memo proved. Hmm. No altering of your tepid stance?

How 'bout the added psy-ops terror of Anthrax letters... direct from a U.S. military installation?

How 'bout all those profitable Haliburton no-bid contracts awaiting a War of Choice?

Poor Mr. Cheney. How could he know?


The dirty f Ing hippies and all the peace protester across the world in 10s of millions were right.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Money. It's all about money and power, perceived or real. I realize it was a rhetorical question, but just the thought of any of the C's having their words heard or read, is a disgusting thought to me.


Yes, it makes no sense, unless you realize why?


This man is a total joke. He is a bully and warmonger as well as a coward while hiding himself to avoid the Vietnam draft. That pervert lunatic should kept in a mental asylum providing old styled electric shock treament. Then it would be watched by his fellow rogue conspirators and also letting them know that they are next in line. Only in this country these pathetic perverts are allowed to walk around free. It is sad and unfortunate.


In words old " Armchair and Couch Potato Cowboy " Dick would understand, " somebody get a rope ". And, his daughter should move to the flatlands where she wouldn't suffer so much from oxygen deprivation. Her dad " is the bravest man she knows ". That's about as scary as it gets. And, seriously delusional, which is even scarier since she's hanging around like flies on cow pies. Her " Fearless Leader " daddy should of introduced her, as a child, to Sen. George McGovern ( Distinguished Flying Cross, etc. ) at least before he, and his bunch, broke into the campaign offices. wink


Good question. A possible answer: Innocent until (more likely in this case, if) until proven guilty.
Will evade trial, along with the rest of them.


Agreed. Mention of McGovern reminds of the election in which he ran against Nixon.
Even though the country (and the world) well knew of (this other) Dick's predilections, nonetheless McGovern won in only one state. I still think the average American voter is no more left than center.


Cheney was Chief of Staff for Gerald Ford in 1975. He worked in Nixon's Adm. but tries to gloss over that little tidbit. He's an Oily Coal Boy from his days in Wyoming, until now. Go find and throw an American bison roaming around in Wyoming. Get back to me about how far it went. That's as far as you can trust Dick Cheney and his bunch. This country was betrayed by people like The Dickster, Ronnie Raygun and the Bushies. Their acts really constitute treason, imo. George McGovern was too gracious to these slimeballs, for sure. And, was betrayed by future DLC types at every turn, too. Yes, the center in America shows that " carve outs " work . Carve some out for the banks here, carve some out for the oil industry there, carve some out for some of ( not all ) the unions, carve out some for agri-business, carve out some for pharma, carve outs for insurance.... That's why we're getting served broth and working 60 hours a week for the privilege of living in the greatest, richest country in the history of the world. wink


You've said it all.