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Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes: Former International Court of Justice Judge


Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes: Former International Court of Justice Judge

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A former judge for the International Court of Justice and renowned expert on human rights law told a reporter this week that former vice president Dick Cheney should be prosecuted for war crimes and torture.


Unfortunately, they will probably fiddle-fuck around until the principals have all died, then drop the whole thing.

  • It certainly would be nice if all of these war criminals, from the top down, did have a new Nuremberg to face.


Better hurry!


…(Obama) made a great mistake when he decided not to instigate legal proceedings

Deliberate actions should not be confused with mistakes.

Try them, Convict them, Send them to jail at GTMO


Even back then we all figured that his (obama) acquiescence on this issue was required before he’d be able to receive the backing and $$$ of the powers that be political/corporate/media machine.


At which point they will be tried in the history books (in abstentia mortis) because >>> That’ll teach 'em!

The one and only Nuremberg proceedings btw.


So a question - If Kissinger had used drones to kill people (without trial) in SE Asia…would that be considered a war crime?


Question on the term “war crime?” Since the US has never been in an officially declared by Congress war since WWII, does the term war crime have legal standing? I believe that all the people mentioned could be charged with other crimes, but is this the reason Congress never officially votes to declare war? Is this to allow the “leaders” of the US gov’t to escape prosecution as war criminals?


You are correct, there was only one Nuremberg Proceedings, but something in the same vein would work, however not if presided over by the US and/or Israel. That would be sending the wolves to watch over the sheep.


I don’t think the term carries all that much legal weight in and of itself. The reason why the US did not officially declare war is because of US law and the dictates of congress. By keeping the Vietnam war as a police action, Johnson and Nixon were both free of congressional oversight. Certain laws come into effect once war has been declared (officially).

As far as escaping prosecution, exactly what do you mean by escaping? Who is going to enforce the charge of war crime should it be declared? The international court? You mean the one to which we do not sign on to?

The law is not justice. People always get those two words confused. There are proceedings against Cheney and Bush already. I believe Spanish law permits a charge of war crimes in abstentia (and maybe one of the Scandinavian countries too ? ). That only means that the named defendants cannot travel to Spain to ‘risk’ arrest for these charges. Probably not even that given diplomatic immunity etc.


He should be given a one way plane ticket to Fallujah and let them deal with him.


He’s one of them, a neocon bankster. Installed by the CIA shadow government to entrench the Dictatorship Of The Corportariat. And protect the felons from the previous regime. They are all guilty of war crimes and treason.


much like LBJ who was behind at least 7 murders escaped the law.


No one should be fooled into thinking that whatever position or legal rights/immunity they may hold: they and their family are not above assassination. True believers and their minions will kill you in a NY minute. The list of people proving this is true is as long as your arm; and it will grow and morph into resembling something from the movie, Alien. Count on it.


Bush, Cheney, and all senior foreign policy officials of that administration SHOULD HANG for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. Kissinger should too, for Laos and the Chilean coup. I don’t care if they hang them from their wheelchairs, it needs to be done.


Toss Pelosi in there for Aiding and Abetting the crime!


Jonny, your position has a lot of support-14 likes, should be more. Most of us see this the same way. This was a major break down in law and order. It started with the stolen 2,000 election. It hasn’t stopped yet despite all our hope in Obama.


Yes, we are hopefully eventually going to see it, if only because unlike other bad episodes in U.S. history, the Iraq invasion has really stayed in the minds of a great portion of the country, as in Western Europe, where our name is bad because of it. It will be unlike anything people have seen in this country, so I think the ongoing “cooling off” period will occur then probably suddenly stop–during the next presidency. Republicans will have lost so much clout Cheney will be ready for what we want-a truly evil historical figure confronted, even in our wimpy conservative country. He has created his destiny in the heavens, continues to talk and berate the universe. A matter of time.


There are so many of them from the top down: Cheney & gang, the brass and the little Eichmanns. Aside from the expense of creating a penal colony just for them, sure, why not? Airlift the suckers in and let the Iraqis have at 'em!


No it is not a crime to kill a known enemy whether it be with a sniper, special forces or a drone and you don’t have to have a trial.