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Dictator Trump

Dictator Trump

Robert Reich

A president who claims he has an absolute right to declare a national emergency and spend government funds that Congress has explicitly refused to appropriate for the ends he seeks, is assuming the role of a dictator.

A president who shuts down government in order to get his way on a controversial issue, such as building a wall along the border with Mexico, and offers to reopen it as a concession when and if his opponents give in, is treating the government of the United States as a bargaining chip. This, too, is the behavior of a dictator.

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The problem is not Trump.

The problem is Congress giving the POTUS way too much power.

Giving Trump’s successor this much power will make the future just as bad for us…probably worse.


Wow. Reich has completely gone over to the other side, away from sanity and reason. It depresses me to think that the liberals have drunk the Russia-gate Kool-Aid even more than the Conservatives, and that there is almost no sanity left in political discourse in this country, except with a very small sector of open minded people.
I would refer Mr. Reich to a statement made a few days ago, by the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee, which has been investigating possible collusion between Trump and Russia during the election. I don’t understand how Reich could have missed this:


I fear the COURTS also giving republicans way too much power. Congress has given the president too much power to make war and as Elizabeth Goitein’s piece yesterday pointed out, Congress desperately needs to reign in their abdication of power allowing a president’s ability to declare emergencies.


Oh, for goodness sake. You obviously have been taken in by a half-baked NBC piece. There’s much more to this if you care to look. How can you be so blind? People are and more will go to jail over collusion with Russian oligarchs. And Putin knows all the oligarchs very well. Trump is way more than knee-deep. The only question is how much is provable beyond a reasonable doubt.


Trump has no higher brain functions. He is a walking Id. I fully believe he would commit treason for no greater reason than Putin salving his ego. Trump and the republican party are a perfect storm, a confluence of malevolent influences leading us to an otherwise avoidable disaster. The republican party would commit treason if it meant obtaining and maintaining power. McConnell has received millions from the Russians (this is not a new motivation. I remember Reagan’s meetings with Iran prior to his election, and the “coincidental” freeing of the hostages the day of his inauguration). The driving motivation for republicans (and many democrats as well) is not love of country, but riding the gravy train. If that means taking Russian money and doing Russia’s bidding, so be it. If that means destroying the very fabric, the very underpinnings of our constitutional democracy (in accord with Russian intelligence goals), then so be it.

True progressives are making real gains in the democratic party. Perhaps it takes a political climate so awful to spur voters to finally act in their own interests. 2020 will tell where we stand, if we still have a country by then.


Wikileaks got the stolen emails from Russian intelligence. Roger Stone was either wittingly or unwittingly acting as an arm of Russian intelligence by helping obtain those emails for his friend and political benefactor, Trump. Russia’s fingerprints are all over the last election and Trump himself will not reveal his conversations with Putin. The republican party has been lavished with Russian money. True insanity is ignoring evidence of Russian political activity in this country in favor of an ideological viewpoint. It is true that there are many really bad things going on that need our attention. This reality does not detract from the fact that Russia’s actions are one of those really bad things that needs our attention. That our government may be headed by a witting or unwitting Russian asset, that our elected representatives are recipients of mountains of Russian cash, should be disturbing, and not dismissed as unworthy of our attention.


What a lot of hooey!

“But the threat to American democracy is not just from Trump’s dictatorial moves. And real threat to American sovereignty is not coming from Trump’s fantasized hordes seeking to cross the Mexican border. It is coming from a foreign government intent on undermining our democracy by propagating lies, turning Americans against each other, and electing a puppet president.”

Now if Reich had followed this quote by discussing the millions and millions of dollars that the Israeli government had spent via AIPAC to completely subvert our government, then I would have held some hope out for Reich. Instead it is the usual crap. Even if Russia tried to influence the election (they would still pale in comparison to Israel) who could blame them? Clinton is clearly on a war path with Russia ever since Russia booted out Exxon from Sakhalin Island. When the CIA and Victoria Nuland decided to support ruthless right wing maniacs in the Ukraine, it was obvious to any Russian that the U.S. wants “Regime Change” in Moscow. Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, one of the original authors of ‘Regime Change’ at the Project for the New American Century and a staunch neoliberal corporate sycophant, yet this was ignored by corporate media during the entire ‘Orange Revolution’. If I were Putin or any Russian President, I would have been quite worried, especially after the U.S. had broken every promise to Russia after the dismantling of the Soviet Union from encroaching NATO on to their borders to violating nuclear treaties.
The real question is how can we rein in these sociopaths that are ‘advising’ Trump (and every other President!) by simply focusing on corporate dominance of the planet? Reich on the other hand believes that if we just get rid of Trump, everything will be fine as we will return to the ‘good ole days’ of tame acquiescence to our corporate masters. I can almost hear Reich bellow…“Hail Mike Pence” if somehow Congress could engineer “Regime Change” here at home.
The real crimes of this government (and successive governments before it) are their support for Regime Change against countries that defy corporate America. The real crimes of this government is the continuous plan to impoverish Americans even further! The real crime is the absence of democracy combined with the worn out myth that “We’re number one!”. The real crime is taxing the poor to continuously build up our imperial army and volunteer those same poor people to die at the corporate mantle!


It is not “corporate America”, it is global corporatism. The political theater between Russia and the US is cover for the continuing push for oligarchic rule globally. Russia’s oligarchy is coming into alignment with American oligarchy. The big boys in both countries share the common interest of rule by the rich. The realignment of priorities reflects not political differences, but the alignment of global oligarchic interests, including Russia’s. It is not a Russian attack on American interests, but an emerging business partnership. Trump is a useful idiot and a wannabe dictator. I believe that he is acting in the interests of Russian oligarchs, whose interests will be greatly advanced by weakening American democracy and the power of countervailing voices opposed to global corporatism. Therefore, I agree and disagree with you. I think that it is necessary to address the Russian threat as a part of the effort to address the threat of world-wide oligarchy.

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Reich is an idiot. He now blames racism in the USA on “a foreign Government” . Americans turning on one another due to a “foreign Government”. Somehow this “foreign Government” elected Donald Trump?
on driving through the USA some 20+ years ago I heard one Rush Limbaugh preaching hate against the “left and socialists” with call in people referring to them as “libtards”. I guess Russia was behind this as well.

Next up Russia was responsible for slavery in the USA and are the ones behind the Civil war and the Watts riots because everyone knows Americans would never turn on one another unless a “foreign power” behind them.

What an insipid piece of work this is and what an absolute waste of time Mr Reich becomes.


And the puppets name is “Knucklehead Smith.”

I agree, let’s focus, or maybe refocus on the new America. Many embrace change. For those, that makes it easy to rationalize Trump’s horrendous performance.Those of us that cringe at the thought of anything “Trump” becoming the new normal is an internal and external joust. We know if we let our guard down or become too tired to fight off this disease, we will indeed see a lot of this crap become a new normal. We might not realize the permanent change for years to come.

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I agree that the House should immediately start impeachment proceedings against Trump – based both upon his blatant abuse of power in declaring a non-existent “national emergency” for the stated purpose of obtaining funds to build a wall which Congress has refused to appropriate for that purpose, and upon Trump’s commitment of two felony campaign violations which the federal court in the SDNY found (in accepting Michael Cohen’s guilty plea) that Cohen was directed by Trump to commit for the purpose of assisting Trump’s election to the presidency. Trump is deliberately tearing down critical US government institutions (FBI, CIA, Justice Department) and will do further irreparable damage to our democracy if he is allowed to remain in office for the two-year remainder of his elected office. The constitutional remedy for such presidential misconduct is impeachment, and that process should begin now.

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Ruh-roh, now he’s a dictator. Just imagine what he’ll be when Congress allows him to enter his fourth year in office. The professor will fill us in.

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The demise of US government institutions including of what is left of the EPA, Departments of Housing, Education and Health and more must be included. With help of the Senate and Congressional Idiots who have allowed the destruction of most of the government for private gain, can our society survive the corporate fascism takeover that is coming to your local theater soon enough.

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Our form of government is under attack by forces both outside and inside the US. Which to deal with first? Hard to choose only one; but if I had to, I’d choose the Russian threat.

Your clear and concise summary distills the essence of the Russian threat. I’m going to send it to my friends and acquaintances, if that is OK with you. You ought to post it where ever it seems relevant.

I don’t believe Congress can conduct an impeachment process that will lead to tRump’s removal. An impeachment process and Senate trial would only be another distraction.

I want to read Mueller’s report before I decide what the next best thing is to do about tRump.

“What we do know so far is that Trump’s aides and campaign manager worked with Putin’s emissaries during the 2016 election, and that Putin sought to swing the election in favor of Trump.” But Trump didn’t know a thing about. It was supposed to be a big surprise. Rrrrrriiiigggghhht, and I have a Trump Tower to sell ya’.

Reich continues to complete his mission, namely providing a handy excuse for the poor performance of the d-party. Why are they so helpless?

Bernie Bros
Jill Stein

The fact that the d-party has moved unremittingly rightward for close to 40 years has nothing to do with their being perceived as little more than republican-lite by huge swaths of voters. Nope, it’s Putin.

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“The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. … If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.”
-Steve Bannon at the CPAC Convention, Feb. 2017

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