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Did Administration Offer New Balance A Big Contract For TPP Silence?


Did Administration Offer New Balance A Big Contract For TPP Silence?

Dave Johnson

Last year President Obama went to Nike headquarters to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But Nike doesn’t make shoes in the US, and TPP would force companies like New Balance to stop making shoes here. New Balance kept quiet about this, but now says the administration offered the company a big contract in exchange for its silence. New Balance is talking now, because the contract never came through.

A Contract In Exchange For Silence?


Busine$$ as usual: “We’ll keep quiet about this devastating trade pact if you give us that contract.” Those Nike officials who are now being so “decent” and “honest” ought to apologize to the rest of us. If there’s anyone left in the world who doesn’t know what the TPP and the TTIP are really meant to do, let me explain: they’re not just a way to make slaves and serfs of 99.999% of the world’s population; they will end whatever is left of democracy once and for all.


Takes you woinder whose side Obama is on. Sounds like a form of treason too me.


Politics and ABYSS…Looks like…end of Western Civilization


TPP and TTIP both contain Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions that can lead to further environmental devastation. Countries trying to implement climate policies can be challenged by corporations in secret international tribunals. Although the rigged tribunals can’t force governments to drop policies, they can force them to compensate corporations for lost future earnings–leaving taxpayers on the hook for millions–even billions of dollars.


The end of Western civilization? Not really. The rise of a neofeudalism with serf - worker low wage peasantry? Um yeah. Civilization isn’t as civilized as it used to be. You have to just wonder if in a few decades some dark oligarchy reality finds a way to legalize serfdom again. Survival means food just sign away your rights and you too can survive.

Join a SerfCo labor security workforce zone and get guaranteed meals and shelter plus free work uniforms and commissary access. Seniority pay programs are available after a four year unpaid probationary period.

Why stress about survival? Will you work for food or starve for free? SerfCo a work-serf initiative company!


If you say so…I will go along with it…I did the best I could for China some 31 years ago and no other Western country picked the Industrial Ecosystems…hence I said what I said…thank you…


I was just being poetic and doing the old speculative fiction satirical rag but truthfully… Civilization has never been all that civilized in general. Kill with a spear or kill millions with a button.


Have any of you read Report from iron Mountain? It was written at least 40-50 years ago and is still smack up to date, about the benefits of slavery and all.
PS: HWM: You can stop wondering about Obama. The masters of the universe helped him give the American people a better health care system (better for everybody including the insurers and the pharma industry, but hey, loyalty is a virtue, isn’t it?), and our sexuality doesn’t interest them (they aren’t Christians in any sense of the word), so what we got was mostly bread and circuses. On his way out, O can afford to be arrogant, hence his support for TPP. With Hillarious as their chief handi-maiden, we’ll get lots of women feeling better about their career opportunities, as meritocracy flourishes at the expense of the uneducated, unwashed and ill-fed.
Vote for Sanders, if they don’t assassinate him before the convention.


I think we know whose side Obama’s on. And HRC too. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t she for this agreement or at least unwilling to publicly state opposition to it until Sanders became as serious nuisance to her?

My many right wing friends hate Obama for what he’s not: a socialist Kenyan Muslim. I hate him for what he is: a war-mongering, drone murderer,
Wall Street shill.


I wish the fact that the government would make this offer surprises me but it doesn’t. What does surprise me is that they would renege on it. Easy enough to fulfill that. Have to wonder who got that contract and what that company agreed to do for that to happen.


Yeah like a woman scorned…They were all for screwring us over as long as they were going to get rich…But when they got jilted they are all about being the good company now…But it still proves how bad TPP really is.The only ones pushing this are those who have been well paid to push it…Mostly law makers both Dem and GOp…The ones voting for this are the real crooks including Obama…Obama is gone but all the rest who support this should be called to account and voted out…Because we know you are crooked.


Thank you. I am slowly getting to replies to my post. We still have a few years…but, I am afraid what will happen to our President. We can still go to Abyss…