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Did Chris Matthews Reveal What the Democratic Establishment Really Fears?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/03/did-chris-matthews-reveal-what-democratic-establishment-really-fears


A Bernie win is exactly what the Dem Establishment fears. They are the system. They are the status quo. And are quite happy with the way things are.

A Joe Biden win would mean maintaining the status quo.

Vote Bernie!


Yes. Sanders has raised the possibility that Brand D can stop playing its Party of Bait-and-Switch to Brand R’s Party of No, and actually get something done for the 99%–hence the bipartisan backlash.


I bought a digital subscription to the NYT just so I could comment on their coverage of the Democratic race. There are Bernie supporters speaking up, but the paper’s bias for the moderate position is flagrant, and the moderate respondents don’t appear to realize how they’ve been played all these many years. A few more articulate voices taking advantage of that publication’s comment section might actually change a few minds.


The only “good” MSNBC pundit, is a “dead to the public” MSNBC pundit.


The political labels they put on themselves, have blinded them to their responsibilities to future generations.

Let us all be confident that Bernie and us all will open the eyes of those without sight.

It’s time to quit saying ‘democratic establishment’ and just say ‘establishment’. Both parties are funded by the same donors. Both are hardcore, neoliberal free marketeers. R’s and D’s may differ on cultural issues, but when it comes to economic hierarchy, they’re in sync. A few points on taxes, some regulation and assorted non game changers are tossed to the masses but neither party will offer structural changes to sharing productivity. Obviously, re this particular election cycle, both are focused on keeping insurance companies in healthcare. The red herring is public option, a surefire way to kill single payer and strengthen private insurance.


lol i mean, jesus, what do they have to do? take out an ad and draw pictures? the entire party couldn’t be more clear: the message to us peasants is an old and familiar one–‘let them eat cake’.

And the same result should be applied. With the same enthusiasm.


In terms of reality hiding in plain sight, this article borders on absurd.

I mean, damn: There are d-party centrists who have come out and said that in a Bernie vs Trump race, they’ll vote Trump.


“If I win there will be no change.” Biden speaking

Warning! If you follow the article’s link in the sentence, " The pictures of [young Bernie in action are dramatic and important to see," you’ll see images that are the result of a Google search with the words “bernie sanders civil rights arrests.” Right at the top is one with a caption that claims Bernie was arrested for throwing eggs at black protesters.

There’s a link that I didn’t see at first to snopes(dot)com, a well-regarded fact-check site according to Wikipedia, where they trace this fake-captioned photo to Republican Revival, right-wing Facebook page.

Snopes traced the original photo to the Chicago Tribune. The story discussed the black and white activists including Bernie who got arrested for protesting against Chicago Police racist policies.

Beyond the neoliberal Democrats’ fear of losing their influence, their jobs, their money, there is an unease both parties have about being exposed as having no clothes. They started out as private clubs, and as such, operate largely outside the law. Now, however, they have maneuvered themselves into the position of being essential to the exercise of our democracy on a national level, just like the Supreme Court and the Presidency. Now, they are exposed, naked, open to a critical examination of how to rein-in this lawless bunch. They fear it will end up with the strictest set of laws possible. About time.

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The citizens of the Social Democracies of Western Europe expect and demand that the wealth of their nations be distributed equitably. Here, the 1% will spend tens if not hundreds of billions to see that they keep their 90%.