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Did Giuliani Goons Plot Against US Ambassador? 'Incredibly Disturbing' House Impeachment Docs Raise Serious New Questions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/15/did-giuliani-goons-plot-against-us-ambassador-incredibly-disturbing-house


Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Lev, Igor and all the other goons are an actual Mafia, as one of our other commenters always reminds us.
They are plotting against the constitution, law enforcement, and all of us.
They are all gangsters, and should be treated as such.
The fact that 47% of “potential voters” support these mobsters shows you that the problem is bigger than the mobsters.
It’s similar to the Civil War or when Hitler’s cult took over Germany.
It’s time for a purge.


Once again, I implore Nancy P. to delay sending the impeachment over to the Senate.
This release is just scratching the surface of the Parnas/Fruman trove of evidence.
I believe they’re scheduled to testify in court on February 3 – Parnas does not want to go to jail.


A purge? Sounds fascist to me. What do you mean, a purge?

He means purging the fascists from the government, just like purging some putrid shit from your bowels with sodium citrate. Hope I cleared that up for you.


IMO, the House supremely effed-up by not making the articles more comprehensive, addressing all Trump’s abuses and crimes, although his mounting crimes are like some, sick perpetual motion machine making it hard to keep up. They should have loaded it up with all the high crimes and misdemeanors known at the time. If (or likely when), this impeachment fails to result in a conviction, their only recourse will be to impeach him again, and that’s unlikely to go over well with an exhausted populace.


I was going to go for an ipecac analogy. Yours is better!


Thank you, just trying to be helpful.


What a bizarro, feckless comment you posted, and the other commenters who attempted to explain things to you did a good job.
If you know anything about the rise of the Confederate Army, and the rise of Hitler and his cult, you know that what happened is good people waited too long to do anything about bad people in their midst.
Because they waited too long, the bad people and their cult leaders gained effective power, and massive wars resulted.
Do yourself a favor and read the book It Can’t Happen Here.
Unless you’re a Trump cultist and totally braindead, you’ll figure out what I’m saying, and it’s the opposite of “fascist.”


Would you be so kind as to tell me what other high crimes and misdemeanors Trump committed?

Eff’d up? No, that’s been Pelosi’s goal all along. She likes Rump where he is, as long as they’re the minority party she and McConnell can railroad the rest of the Democrats into voting for whatever piece of dreck legislation their sponsors in the MIC and Wall Street want. If voters complain that none of it benefits them she can just wring her hands pitifully and say, “That meanie in the White House would veto it, this is all we can do!” As long as she pretends to be a Democrat the voters will eat it up.

Why do you think she opposed impeachment until she was threatened with being voted out? They could have sent Articles of Impeachment to the Senate in May if she hadn’t blocked it so fiercely. Hell, when confronted with evidence of war crimes by Shrub her response was, “Impeachment is off the table!” Why would anyone think that she’d be interested in impeaching a money launderer?


Hmm. I am not an expert, but maybe campaign finance violations in paying off two women to silence them? Also, maybe up to 11 counts of obstruction with regard to the Mueller investigation? If these can be argued not to be high crimes and misdemeanors, I’ll stand corrected. Help me out.


Good points, and good shift in the frame of reference. I’ll amend my comment from “she effed up” to “she was remiss–probably deliberately–in her obligation to the public and the Constitution, because she’s a tool.” Thanks for urging clarity.

photo caption:

“I regrets ta’ inform yuh,” stated Mr. Trump, when asked on Fox News about the congressional subpoena of Robby “Hit Job” Hyde, “my dear old pal’s appearance will be delayed on account’a he sleeps with da fish.”

Recall that the constitutional term “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not mean “egregious violations of laws” and “violations of the law that are not felonies”

The most obvious charge missing from the articles of impeachment is violation of the emoluments clause. Trump has deliberately used his own businesses to house his huge entourages even thought the lodging is nowhere near the site of his meetings. And it is well known that Triump strongly encourages visiting dignitaries to stay at his DC hotel if they want any favors from him. He even attempted to locate a summer G8 summit at his Miami resort even though the place is a piece of crap and the heat and frequent tropical downpours are horrible in Miami in summer.


Thanks! Violation of the emoluments clause was a big omission on my part (I had a nagging feeling I was missing something, and mildly embarrassed because it is, as you say, so “obvious”).

My understanding of “high crimes and misdemeanors” is that it’s pretty broad, as you’ve correctly pointed out. We could call high crimes and misdemeanors “obviously shitty behavior” and still be in the impeachment ballpark.

Thanks again.

The campaign finance violation case is being handled in criminal court.
Where, almost two years in, it’s apparently going nowhere.

Mueller didn’t pursue the obstruction charges, because it’s not an easy case to make. As Trump is demonstrating, it’s pretty easy to just plain not cooperate. That said, one of the impeachment counts being sent to the senate is obstruction of Congress.

Three emoluments clause cases have gone to court. Two have been thrown out.

I understand and agree with the factual substance of your comment. I still don’t understand why they are not included. After all, if the campaign finance and emoluments cases were sufficient to file charges and go to court, they meet the standard for impeachment. Regardless of the challenges these cases are facing, impeachment does not require court convictions, right? And, yes, Mueller punted the obvious obstruction charges to Congress, but he was pretty unequivocal that obstruction did, inf fact, take place, so I don’t know why they could not beef up the more limited charge brought by the House, because the “pattern of behavior” is important to impeachment.

I know the strategy was ostensibly to make impeachment quick, simple, and neat, but I fear that what is not impeached today will be repeated tomorrow, having been overlooked and thereby legitimated.

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I hope Yovanovitch sues the Trump administration so bad that their grandkids will need lawyers.

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Yup. Bobby Kennedy would have had a field day with these goons.