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Did Green Party Pitch for 'Greater Good' Resonate with National Audience?

Did Green Party Pitch for 'Greater Good' Resonate with National Audience?

Nika Knight, staff writer

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka took part in CNN's first Green Party town hall Wednesday night, laying out their proposals to abolish all student debt, establish a single-payer healthcare system, create a foreign policy based on humanitarian values, and to establish a "Green New Deal" that would both create millions of jobs nationwide and help transition the country to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.


“Stein and Baraka both reached out to Bernie Sanders supporters.”

Too bad Bernie did not reach out to the Green party. He should have endorsed Jill instead of Hill. I thought Bernie said the revolution was not about him! Then, let me ask Bernie: HOW IN THE HELL WOULD EVER YOU ENDORSE HILL OVER JILL! AND YES, I AM SHOUTING!


I watched the town-hall, and Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka is impressive. The one thing that Ajamu talked about that warmed my soul was his hero Fannie Lou Hamer. I did some research, Fannie Lou Hamer has a powerful story, a huge heart, so many great things she did to help others, that could not help themselves, spreading the joy, Fannie Lou Hamer. Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka resonated with me in a caring, understanding, compassionate way, Bless you Ajamu!


Let us hope it did. I especially liked Stein and Baraka’s unflinching call for gutting our war machine defense establishment and closing the vast majority of our overseas bases, as well as ending our uncritical support of Israel and Saudi Arabia. If nothing else, hopefully that call gives voters the idea that there is an alternative to the status quo of the past 75 years. #NeverHillary. Stein/Baraka 2016!


So glad CNN gave Stein and Baraka major media attention. I am concerned that it won’t go far enough, that it may even be, cynic that I am, a momentary acknowledgement of the Green Party–as in tossing the Greens a bone for their sportsmanship–then back to 24-7 coverage of the Clinton/Trump wars. I agree with Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, who tweeted, “Jill has to go on the offense & be more aggressive. She has nothing to lose.” And with Ben Spielberg, who wrote, “Keep the pressure on for the media to cover them more.”


While Stein is not a professional politician see certainly sounded like one in attacking an opponent. In attacking Clinton of Syria and Libya she completely omitted mentioning any mentioning of the role played by the Arab spring. In attacking Clinton and Obama on Iraq she omitted mentioning that the war was started by Bush and Cheney, sounding a lot like Trump in her version of things. And in attacking Clinton on her e-mails she seemed to imply that she broke the law but was to big to prosecute when in fact the reason the FBI did not suggest prosecution was that there was no willful intent and no gross negligence related to anyone seeing classified material who wasn’t supposed. The FBI director also said they found no evidence that Clinton has not been truthful in her statement to the FBI. It sounded like Stein wanted to “lock her up” even without evidence of guilt.


i had not heard of fannie lou either. i found some info on wikipedia. if anyone doubs systemic racism show them this!

While having surgery to remove a tumor, in 1961 Hamer was also given a hysterectomy without her consent by a white doctor as a part of the state of Mississippi's plan to reduce the number of poor blacks in the state.[5][8] (Hamer is credited with coining the phrase "Mississippi appendectomy" as a euphemism for the involuntary or uninformed sterilization of black women, common in the South in the 1960s.[9]) The Hamers later raised two impoverished girls, who they later decided to adopt.[1]

The Greens would resonate more if people like Commondreams stopped pimping for the Democrats. I’m a farmer in a very rural area. I meet people all the time who say “when the shit hits the fan” they’re going to come to my farm. And I reply to them, “What are you waiting for? Do you see and smell all of the shit hitting the fan?” And it’s both political parties shitting all over not only the 99% in this country but 99% of the rest of the world. Commondreams staff, what has to get worse before you fully support a radical alternative? Afraid of losing liberal $upport and you’ll close up shop? Maybe if you were more aggressive in supporting radical alternatives while aggressively fundraising you would be ok. I’m guessing your numbers got a big bump from Sanders campaign and now it’s flatlining because now it’s all that bitter disillusionment by Sanders supporters reluctantly voting for Clinton and against Trump. The passion is gone. You can help bring the passion back. Help break the two parties. And yes, Stein should not be saying why her campaign will not spoil the election and why it will spoil the Democrats.


Wow candidates who can speak intelligently, and answer questions candidly. I was very impressed. My son and I don’t have cable TV, but my daughter does so we went to her house for a family viewing. We were all in the Sanders camp, after his loss, my daughter and I decided to support Stein, my son Trump, that was until last night, after hearing her speak.

I found it strange that all the questions were for the most part asked by young who seemed to all be about the same age.

I liked all her proposals but one. I am not sure erasing the student is the best way to help our economy or our young. I feel it unfairly rewards those who may be the least deserving. Administration bloated Universities, and in some cases irresponsible students.

For example, we paid my daughter’s tuition and books for her University degree, my son was an honor student and had his tuition paid by the state. To our chagrin my daughter unbeknownst to us got a student loan for several thousands of dollars and filled her closet with clothes, shoes and designer purses. YES, she’s all for getting her student loan paid off by the government. I think their may be a better way to help young people.

The rest of their proposals were excellent!


I am sorry rkt9, I disagree, you paid for your daughter’s tuition, and books. People, or kids in many working class households don’t have that benefit. You can’t blame the students for what the parents have done, either. Many students come from families where the parents can barely speak English, and can’t help them with their homework. There are so many factors going on here. Dr. Jill Stein,M.D. is absolutely correct in what she said in that town hall on student loan debt, (8/17/2016).


Some are dragging out the tired old saw about Nader being a spoiler in the 2000 election. To remind the uniformed, once again, Gore lost in his own state, Tennessee, and Clinton’s state, Arkansas. Additionally, if all the Democrats who voted for Bush in Florida would have voted for the Democratic candidate, Gore, instead of the Republican candidate, Bush, Gore might have won Florida, and avoided the Supreme Court annointment of Bush, and perhaps won the election.

Democrats must stop listening to the Democrat Party line, stop their whining about Nader, and read history.


Dr. Stein, there is no defense for you to waste valuable time on, as has been correctly noted. Go to the issues: Do you want someone in Viet Nam, making 53 cents an hour, taking you job if TPP passes? Do you want your children and grand children to survive climate change? Do you want your millennial children living in your home because they can only find a crappy Obama recovery job…that will not allow them to pay off their college debt? Do you want actual affordable health care, not pathetic Affordable Care Act Insurance? Other words, you can make substantial policy comments with concerning if you are stepping on the toes of one of the oligarchs. We already know where the Queen of neoliberals and Flaming Donald stand,…no need to remain us!!


Considering that Trump is a showman and Hillary is a well practiced debater, how would Jill and Baraka fare in a debate with them?

I thought Stein was very well spoken, answering at length and very coherently on a wide range of issues. She addressed directly the questions she was asked (nearly all of the time). And, you have to limit your responses at some point, so can’t include everything.

Too bad we will not be able to see Stein and Clinton on the same debate stage. I think Jill would hold her own with Hillary.

Love to see Baraka mop up with Pence and Cain too. What a deep thinking revolutionary.


One things to criticize, of course another to suggest something else :wink:

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interesting how stein was asked by a blind partisan how she slept at night.
It’s a question I think those of you blindly devoted to your masters should be asked every day.
This kind of sycophancy is revolting in the face of overwhelming publicly available evidence to the contrary.


The only thing I hate is when people are acting like WE can’t win. YES we CAN.


This is the first time I can truly say something nice about CNN. It was a gift to all us non-lesser evil voters. I hope many people watched it. Would be great to hear the number of viewers they had.
The Greens have my vote, no doubt. All the things they spoke about are right where we need them to be. Especially the lack of fear of calling climate change what it is and offering solutions radical enough to possibly make a difference.
Jill Stein 2016


So tired of that FL/Gore/Nader nonsense. If only a small fraction of the Dems who actually voted for Bush, went for Gore, Gore would have won, and many more did not vote altogether. Here is a re-post from me earlier:

  1. Half the registered Dem voters in FL stayed home in 2008.
  2. The Dems that did vote in FL? Exit polls showed many more went for Bush (13%), than Nader (1%).
    The above above 2 points based on this research.
  3. Not to mention all the irregularities.

I don’t think we’re that far apart in disagreement, my point being that
across the board writing off student debt may reward some, like my daughter
who are undeserving of it. I am strongly in favor of education being
accessible to all who desire it. There are many sides to this, what about
those who worked hard, lived frugally and paid off their debt? What about
those who were denied a higher education due to poverty? I’d be more in
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