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Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence to Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal?


Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence to Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal?

Gareth Porter

The still-unscheduled Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit offers the opportunity for a denuclearization deal that would avoid a possible nuclear war, but that potential deal remains vulnerable to a hostile corporate media sector and political elites in the United States. At the center of this hostility is national security adviser John Bolton, who’s not just uninterested in selling a denuclearization deal to the public. He’s working actively to undermine it.


Bolton is what Eric Hoffer referred to and laid out as “the true believer”.
Look at the entire premise of the Trump admin. and you see an unhinged mass movement with a certain % of its weight solely by virtue of mass media. People like Bolton are needed like a massive bellows to be pumped on a flame. He does not calculate whether he is personally puffing on a spark or in full pump on a blacksmith’s pit. He has no metal or skill to forge anything. His antics are to introduce insinuations for others to pump up to chaos while the vultures circle, introducing their own manipulations and plunder.

Was he brought in by Trump because he is verifiably more unhinged than the former?

Bolton insinuates, throws his weight around and lays claims that place in defensive mode those who are the object of his abuses. That is what he does. Is there any substance to anything that comes out the mouth of this man that respects the integrity of anyone, including himself?

Keep a sharp eye on his ears - they redden up - just what does it mean, I wonder…


The article assumes that North Korea don’t have, already, the capability to retaliate with nuclear weapons, hence the focus on the possibility that they might or might not be hiding their nuclear weapons program. The North never intended to hide: they’ve told the world what they’ve been doing and that they already have nuclear capability. That’s why Kim could negotiate not out of fear, but of goodwill towards their kinsmen in the South, and why Moon and South Koreans are happy with their reconciliation. Both North and South want peace and eventual reunification, and they don’t need interference from any other nation, whether nearby or from thousands of miles away.


I suspect that Bolton was brought in not because Trump wanted him but “other” people wanted him: the neocons who have so cozied up with the neoliberals and the Deep State. Most of Trump’s picks have been self-serving crooks, Bollton’s an ideologue.


Trump doesn’t give a shit about anything except himself and money. Bolton is “tough,” that’s what Trump knows, and Trump likes to look tough. Nobody forced Trump to hire him, he did it because he wanted to.