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Did Obama Make a Mistake by Deporting 3 Million People? Bernie Sanders: 'Yes'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/17/did-obama-make-mistake-deporting-3-million-people-bernie-sanders-yes


Wow! Again, leave it to Bernie!

“They want – it’s not my idea, it’s what the American people want – is, finally, comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship for 11 million undocumented.”

Is Julian Castro still a candidate, or has he endorsed Bernie, yet?


I would like Bernie and others to also mention the crisis of migration to come caused by Climate Change. That needs to be said in every discussion of immigration because it is coming and the people of the world need to be prepared for it. They need to know that are inaction will make it all worse, more costly and we the people will probably be the ones that have to pay for it like we have in the past.

Bernie is the “real deal”.


GO BERNIE! the only principled candidate running to be the president of the people of the US.


I don’t think Julian has qualified for the next debate, but am not sure if he has formally dropped out, which is a shame because he was up in my top tier. Instead we have people like Tom Steyer who buys his way in.

Hope Julian endorses Bernie and the Latinx community support him in full force.


Obama is too far right. The whole Demo establishment is far right now


Once again Bernie shows he is really the only one who we can count on to act in partnership with the people and not play politics.

He’s the only one who will take the bold action necessary as President. We cannot afford this ‘return to normalcy’ or fake kum-ba-ya. We have some serious challenges we need to address and it is in addressing them that we come together. Bernie is the only one who can help lead the effort.


lol Not only are my close friends, favourite posters, favourite political writers, and one family member wanting to tear down the system, but wouldn’t any true leftist desire the same? The system is poop. Gotta’ change the system, Bernie;)


This is one issue on which I disagree with Bernie.
The savviest nations have a strict merit-based immigration policy that evaluates potential immigrants for a variety of factors to see if they’ll be assets.
Speaking from personal experience, you can’t just walk in to Canada, Denmark, or New Zealand, for example, and they’ll let you stay.
You have to be healthy, have skills they want, not be taking jobs away from born citizens, be able to benefit the country.
Intelligent countries understand carrying capacity. Ours was long ago exceeded. We don’t even provide adequate services, social structures, health care, schools and other foundations for our existing citizen load.
We just don’t need new people in this country from anywhere, and if you enter illegally, you should expect to be booted out.


I’m going to disagree, DavidCarson:) We most certainly need “new people in this country”! You know, people who haven’t been raised as imperialists. We need them desperately to help change the country;)


I, for one, would be deeply surprised if Castro endorsed Bernie.

He’s more a Liz warren kinda guy.


Julian was more like RFK, Bernie like Teddy Kennedy.

To be realistic, added immigration adds to “They’re going to take away your company insurance.”

It has to be a full on revolution, albeit a peaceful one. Bernie appears to many that he is taking on too much to get elected.

It’s a sensible approach. Most telling is your point that we are not taking care of our own at present–nor, it looks to me, like we will be doing so anytime soon. There’s a certain romanticism about immigration–a romanticism and promise that was definitely beneficial to America decades ago when the factories were humming. Our situation now is such that a policy like UBI is even being discussed—which illustrates how hurting we actually are. But the historical fact that we are a nation of immigrants in no way obligates us to have open borders. That said, whatever policies we come up with need to be comprehensive, balanced, fair and humane.


Unfortunately, Agree.

Sanders sez:
“When I talk about healthcare being a human right, and ending the embarrassment of America being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare to every man, woman, and child—that’s not tearing down the system.”

With all due respect, we’re not going to get the former until the “system” of for-profit health care is torn down. These cats are not going to politely step aside.


I am wondering if Warren will be backtracking on her view that private insurance will have to go after M4A is established. I completely agree that M4A, to work, requires private insurance to be gone–and good riddance. But it is becoming clear: this item could be a deal changer electorally. The canary in the mine is the polling in Iowa–and dammit, I have always said, and been castigated for complaining, that Iowa is no place for any important electoral process to begin–BECAUSE the front runner will instantly become the one who wins Iowa, and that momentum is huge. What, Iowa has how many people? 600k. Seattle has 700k. We should start the primaries in Seattle! You’d get a Bernie vote thnn, for damned sure. Iowa is more conservative, obviously. Bad place to start.


Please notice that Bernie has more arrows aimed at him now than in 2016.
CNN & MSNBC by low minutes of coverage
South Carolina
South Bend
Warren, both beth and Michigan
Iowa caucus attendees will be split.


But if they have been raised as true believing Catholics, they may also represent a liability when it comes to Roe V Wade, LGBTQ, lots of issues that the church officially does not approve of. Conservative catholicism is right up there with Evangelicalism–the secular Knights of Columbus. This crowd has kneecapped Vatican reforms over and over again.

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Did Obama make a mistake? Obama was a mistake. The “hope and change” mantra fooled me into voting for him the first time. Little did I know he was a republican wannabe in his actions, even though the republicans hated him.


That’s an excellent point,thank you:)