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Did Obama's Trade Legacy Just Hammer the Green New Deal?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/19/did-obamas-trade-legacy-just-hammer-green-new-deal

Yet another potent example of how duopoly plutocrats have been hard at work paving this highway to hell. It ain’t all about Orangeman, folks. Thank you, Ben Lilliston.


Corporate pigs at the trough and their political enablers/allies come in every shade of corruption. The real rub is when those sold-out pigs cloak themselves in “progressive” cloth and “progressive” rhetoric, but screw the 99% and environment exactly the same as those that screw us to our faces.

Isn’t there just cause for an attempt if nothing else at a new party of honesty, dedicated to a sustainable future, not in thrall to business as usual and corruption? Its obvious we are being openly destroyed-poisoned from one side and deceived-betrayed from the other - BS claims of a “progressiveness” that is just another face of the grand con and vulture capitalism.


The TPP was an obvious shift toward corporate control over local initiatives.

Obama was as compliant a corporate sock puppet as any other president.

Cue the d-party LOTE apology brigade in…3…2…1…


It’s only “bold” if it goes to the black heart of the matter

As time passes, the neoliberal disaster of the Obama Administration stands out in relief. What a disaster, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of that Third Way Crowd.


A principal idea of NAFTA, the TPP, the WB and the IMF is to proactively shut down local and national efforts towards production, ecology, and egalitarian distribution.

That’s why they drove the people out of the little markets in Mexico.