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Did Sanders Lie About Clinton’s Oil Money? NPR Factchecker Can’t Be Bothered to Check


Did Sanders Lie About Clinton’s Oil Money? NPR Factchecker Can’t Be Bothered to Check

Jim Naureckas

When media outlets check the facts, it’s supposed to be in the first sense Google‘s dictionary offers for the word “check” :

1. examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy….

But sometimes media seem more intent on carrying out the second meaning of the word:

2. stop or slow down the progress of (something undesirable).


Is there a petition for NPR to fire Overby’s ass?


I keep waiting for her to say - “Look all you people, if you don’t stop complaining about the way my pre-election is being handled, I am going to turn around and have them just swear me in and then you won’t get to vote at all. So just be quiet back there and that’s the last time I am going to warn you!”


He’s just doing his job, which is to obfuscate the truth and use whatever little credibility NPR has left and spend it on saving the neoliberal cause through duping people that will believe what they want to hear. It is pathetic that NPR has come to this, a propaganda piece for the neo-fascist status quo.


They do support the endless war more than they admit even while presenting some coverage opposing it. I think that are just status quo mainstream Dems and not republicans. They are political center left capitalists and liberal arts conservatives and to that end they are generally media elite Dems and personally support the mainstream status quo candidate. All those who wish for a more progressive voice on NPR forget who took control of public broadcasting in years past.

You can hear it in their voices that they aren’t playing fair to Bernie and betraying their much encouraged appearance of being in touch with America. They know they are breaking ethical rules that they supposedly held dear. Nor are they blind and see how much people are responding to Bernie and his message. They see the hypocrites looking back at them in the mirror.


IF Bernie can surge to take New York, the Red Queen will be toast! Imagine that reality and it will be so…

Bernie’s momentum from wins in Wisconsin (even with voter suppression by that POS Scott Walker!) & NY will be unstoppable! Even the wildly corrupt MSM and partially corrupted NPR from funding from corporate entities compromising their integrity & reporting (cough)…programming censorship and preferred candidate slant.


UPDATE; On Sunday Talking Head TV, Clinton was asked directly about releasing her Goldman speech transcripts - she totally evaded a straight answer - her usual MO - know a deceiver by their pattern of evasions…

Feel The Bern!


They’re all pretty much in the tank over at National Propaganda Radio. 'Tis a shame.

p.s. Great article. Saving for future arguments–“But it’s a tiny percentage!” Not.


Braj: indeed: these media puppets for Slick Hillary don’t check the facts., they parse the facts in her favor.


Just tweeted this article to @peteroverby feel free to do the same.


For as long as I can remember, Bill Moyers had warned the nation about what was happening to NPR, but most people didn’t seem to take him seriously. Americans deserve what they’re experiencing today.


That’s for sure!


Lyin’ Hillary,

  • Lies about Bernie’s reaction to Donald Mouthdump’s outrageous “punish abortion women” tirade.

  • Lies about taking contributions in dirty oil bribes from Big US Oil Companies.

  • Lies about taking millions of dollars and stuffing them into “the Clinton Foundation” from foreign Oil countries like Saudia Arabia and Qatar!

Lyin’ Hillary then explodes when the jig is up, and a reporter asks her a fair question about it.

Attention all real progressives: Please print and spread this article far and wide. Leave copies laying around in doctor’s and dentist’s offices and anywhere there’s a pile of magazines laying around!

That’s our real power! To supplant the Lying MSM with physical fliers and on-line debate!


Once upon a time MoveOn was proactive but they’ve obviously slipped through the cracks. Otherwise, HRC wouldn’t be taking up airtime running for her life. Why are we not demanding that she be disqualified? Will the FBI bring about justice or are we totally duped?



Thanks, Moyers had talked a lot about funding, among other topics such as staffing for NPR, the monopolization of the airwaves by a few corporations, etc. He’s older than me, yet still very active in trying to make the US a nation worth saving.


At one time (the 1970s), NPR provided high-quality alternative reportage, and some serious investigative reporting as well.

NPR has mutated into something else entirely: National Pentagon Radio. It’s mutated into something ugly, something which exists to enable our oppressors, all the while coasting on the reputation, and the goodwill, of its former glory… much like the Democratic Party.


It may be that Hillary is pretending to be a battered woman, playing to sympathy and women’s votes. For example in past week, such accusations as Sanders having the wrong tone, Sanders not being more than just shameful concerning Trump’s abortion remarks, Sanders campaign lying about her-implying they are out to get her. I would say she displays a large amount of paranoia at this time. Not a good trait for potential C in C.
This appears to be more than just campaign tactics. She is starting to come apart at the seams.


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She must be beside herself that information is reaching the people despite her best attempts at locking up the mainstream media. Damn that internet and social media. Still, she has a lot of pull and influence behind the scenes and that scares me.


It comes as no surprise that this happened. NPR has shifted to the right since getting their new CEO after the justified firing of Juan Williams for sharing his opinion instead of reporting on facts and opinion. The fact that an idiot has an opinion is NOT NEWS!

Want some fun? Call up during a fund drive and ask them why they think we should pay to have right wing bias on NPR? They’re interviewing knuckleheads like Steve Forbes, a filthy rich past loser Republican candidate, rather than current legitimate candidates like Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders, who respectively either never get mentioned, or only get mentioned when disrespectfully dismissing his Yuge followings wherever he goes. There’s plenty of active ignoring going on and the ridiculously lopsided recent victories received a: “Did you hear what latest stupid thing Trump said?”

It used to be that I respected and gave money to NPR, but now, I have stopped giving them my money, and time, and they have lost my respect. For me, NPR means Not Paying Republicans