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Did Sanders Lie About Clinton’s Oil Money? NPR Factchecker Can’t Be Bothered to Check


I stopped $upporting NPR back when they put “the scream” on a loop, thus ensuring the demise of a former left wing Democrat. I knew the fix was in then. During W’s reign, it was disgusting how right wing views got 80 or 90% of the news articles. The rightward slide continues to this day.


In the end, it’s always about money, isn’t it?


There is a survey on “are you living in a bubble” I took innocently.
It’s made by the “Bell Curve” guy who sought to mis-use statistics to “prove” black people were “dumber” than white people. I don’t know what he wants with this but it can’t be anything good.
I trusted it because I didn’t know his name to recognize it and naively trusted NPR.


She’d pretend to be anything. I am under no illusions about her status or what she really thinks about other women who aren’t her corrupt cronies.


A TYT reporter did a great job discussing various fundraisers Clinton has been holding the past month. These are wall street people and people connected to fracking. This is real news-who are the people behind the candidate?


NPR has an independent ombudsman who can be contacted and will respond to issues. If enough people send an e-mail expressing their views of bias concerning the lack of coverage and skewed reporting on Bernie it will actually have an effect. Unlike most commercial broadcasting, there are certain legal restrictions involved when using public money. Your complaints will be noted and acted upon.

This is one way this community can be active online in a direct way. Many progressives lament the slant to the right on public radio but if nothing is said about it to the people there to prevent such abuses then nothing can be expected to change.

How about a couple of dozen complaints about NPR 's own version of media bias to its ombudsman?


That’s about the size of it, and that began in the 1990s when WJC was POTUS or else that was when reality began to glare.


Yes, coming apart at the seams, rapidly.



Hey Cookies - Batguano is a rare and valuable commodity that should not be linked to Her Majesty, the Red Queen - I would suggest instead the term “shite-house crazy”…


If I have stopped financially supporting them, what legitimate right do I have to complain?! I won’t give them money for the privilege. That would be against my principles as well.


Well you may have stopped supporting them but they get money from the corporation for public broadcasting so you contribute through taxes as I understand it though that may have changed? Your tax money at work. So yes you still have the right to complain as they are your public broadcasting network using the public airwaves.

When you are the only game in town then the complaints stop there. (to paraphrase). People can boycott in protest but communication of that monetary stoppage and why is what makes it a protest and different from those who just never contribute or never listen etc.

The same thing with not voting out of principle…it really is not much different than not voting simply out of laziness to anyone but you. If only you know then it isn’t much of a protest. Sending the DNC or your local Democratic Party rep a letter stating why is making it a protest.


The facts in the article ‘Hilliary mum on coughing fits, special eyeglasses’ seem a little off. It is implied that Hillary has some type of inherited coagulopathy (clotting disorder), this can indeed cause clots in vessels (usually veins) in body or head, causing phlebitis, pulmonary emboli, strokes and other issues. If she injured her head in a fall while on an anticoagulant like coumadin, then she could have had an intracranial bleed causing damage to brain components, not a blood clot, and this is not a concussion. An alternative scenario, she fell or fainted, hit head and had a concussion, with sequalae.
The coughing can be anyone’s guess, such as a nervous habit, esophageal reflux, bronchospasm like from asthma, reaction to meds such as to ACE inhibitors used for blood pressure or other meds, such as inhaled powders used to control asthma, etc .
Of course I think it would have been hard to hide the news of a brain injury.