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Did Saudis Just Threaten Canada With 9/11-Style Attack for Crime of Criticizing Their Atrocious Human Rights Record?


Did Saudis Just Threaten Canada With 9/11-Style Attack for Crime of Criticizing Their Atrocious Human Rights Record?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As tensions between Saudi Arabia and Canada continue to soar after the Canadian Foreign Ministry dared to condemn the kingdom's imprisonment of dissidents and human rights activists, a verified Twitter account connected to the Saudi government tweeted a graphic on Monday that appeared to thre


Seeing how the US continued coddling Saudi Arabia after 9/11 we should not be surprised at this Saudi aggression.

No surprise that rogue leader Trump is silent, further empowering Saudi Arabia and other rogue nations.


That was a confession. THEY DID IT! And STILL the republicans embrace Saudi Arabia! My GOD, have the republicans sold us out to every dictator?


One branch of the Global Triumvirate of Evil - Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. All warmonger military states dedicated to ultimate power and domination/hegemony over neighboring states or those with natural resources to plunder, or those that criticize human rights abuses or commit wars of extermination…usually against poor native peoples!

Canada! Do not accept or tolerate the threat or attempted domination of the Saudi’s OR the trump regime! Unwind your bloody flag and stand-up for the victims of human rights abuses or crimes against humanity…wherever that originates!! These evil states are ruled by vast wealth and are de facto dictatorships dedicated to the exploitation and oppression of those not in the loop!


Trudeau might redeem himself if he continues to refuse to appease Trump.

There are widespread opportunities arising for Canada to align itself more closely with the nations that Trump has strained US relations with.

Canada needs to let Israel, Saudi Arabia and Murka stew in their own juices.


Moon of Alabama had some fun with this wacky episode.




Just thinking out loud…Maybe we have been thinking about the 911 attack and who was responsible in somewhat wrong ways - who was complicit or were the patsies “supplied”?

The trump regime verbally and via tariffs,attacked Canada and Trudeau , the Israelis ally with the Saudi’s and trump against Iran,(and largely dominate/subvert American politics), the Saudi’s threaten Canada (and trump will say nothing, especially truthful or rational), All three commit crimes against humanity in Yemen, testing and using/buying US/Israeli arms industry toys, commit atrocities and violate international law in Palestine, attack the Iranian people via “sanctions”, and destabilize or overthrow targeted nations…


I can tell you that the Green Party, a party of peace and human rights, would end our military and financial ties with the horrible human rights abusing “Kingdom” (really just a large organized crime family) of Saudi Arabia, as well as other human-rights abusing countries we currently support. We also would stop overthrowing countries in this hemisphere with governments that displease us because they lean socialist and give voice and rights to their majority peasant populations (Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as the Hillary Clinton-supported coup in Honduras in 2009), and would also close the vile and evil School of the Americas, which trains despots and death squad leaders. We also support our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters against the racist, apartheid, and genocidal “State” of Israel, which seeks nothing less than the total expulsion of all Palestinians and non-Jews from all of Gaza and the West Bank in the name of a “Greater Israel”.


It’s not just the republicans. Remember, the Clinton foundation’s taken 10’s of millions from them and Obama happily bowed over the Saudi king’s hand…

Both factions are more than happy to play nice with the Saudis


This article curiously omits the fact that Canada also has a major arms deal with the Saudis in the way of light armoured vehicles.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada was taking the first hit in some long overdue blows. I wouldnt be surprised if this was choreographed ahead of time.This should make it easier for any country or individual to say no and vote no to Saudi arms and other financial support for Middle East aggression.

Wait and see what comes next. Maybe Congress will soon join? And Europe? Europe is tired of the Middle Eastern exodus. How free is Canada of Britain, anyway?


This has been bipartisan.


Saudi Arabia isn’t really a “country”, it’s a nation of people, owned and operated by the House of Saud. The family flies in entertainment, for men only, and as a distraction, “allows” women to actually drive cars. The entertainment, musical as well as comedy, is staged in large tents out in the desert, away from the general population. While most Saudis are Muslims, most Saudis are also very involved in living their lives as best they can. But their owners have a different set of agenda(s). Preservation of the ruling family’s power is the most important thing they can do. Buying weapons and weapons systems from whomever will take their money and oil is part of who/what the House of Saud does and is. This started in the years after WWI, and really gained momentum when the Saudi oil became the equivalent of currency.


We don’t want a US intervention of course.

But the murdering death-squad supporting oligarch Ortega long ago ceased to be a person the US-left should be supporting.

And while he has not been implicated in the kind of violence that Ortega has, the US left should certainly be seeking to stand with the Venezuelan left who are opposing the incompetent and corrupt Madero and demanding reform of the PSUV.

The rise of a kind of neo-tankieism is a major problem on the US-left right now.


And would you support other countries coming into the US to resolve our murdering death squad military and our incompetent leaders?


There is a lot of murkiness in who, if anyone, is the “good guy” in those countries. If you watch Abby Martin on teleSUR, clearly Maduro is not Chavez, and may well have been corrupted. But, it is also clear that the primary opposition is run by the hard-right oligarchs and corporatists who want to take over the government for the haves, so not an option either. The one thing that is certain, is that it is never the right of the United States government to overthrow, or help overthrow a sovereign government, just because we don’t like their economic policies, which is what we have been doing for well over 100 years around the world, but especially in the Americas. Clearly the groundwork is being laid for our CIA to back right-wing coups in both Venezuela and Nicaragua, and we must speak out loudly and clearly to try and stop it, because our corporate media is definitely in support of those coups.


Not important because what is important is the Saudis spend billions of $$$$$$ supporting the profits of the US and its war industries.


The Saudi’s Government is basically a criminal, thug enterprise supported by the United States. If only the leaders in the US had 1/10th the courage and moral convictions regarding human rights of the Canadians who have spoken out on the abuses. It is so disgusting to see how the US government operates in this world.


It seems obvious that the US underground government is doing everything it can to over turn governments in Venezuela & Iran.


I thought I was clear that I don’t support interventions by states. I’m a libertarian socialist and internationalist. I’m opposed to all states and on the side of the workers everywhere in the world.

Ortega is a murderer and oligharch.

Assad is the mass murderer whose atrocities even exceed any recent ones by the US. With his war being wrapped up, he is now compiling a massive list of dissidents - many of them fellow leftists, to have arrested and executed. Those in exile abroad will be assassinated in a sort of Operation Phoenix on steroids…

Putin is a corrupt billionaire gangster capitalist oligarch who is keeping the Russian people impoverished while he imprisons or murders opponents and supports a fascist US president.

The US-left need to be making connections and providing aid to leftists opposing these and other authoritarian state thugs - in the manner of Spain in the 1930s.

And if we do that, maybe they will reciprocate and help us resist our own regime. Solidarity. An injury to one is an injury to all!