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Did Saudis Just Threaten Canada With 9/11-Style Attack for Crime of Criticizing Their Atrocious Human Rights Record?


Boy, aren’t you a fount of information. Mind telling us where you came up with all that “stuff”?


12 terrorists: 7 Saudi Arabia as and 5 Egyptians…with box cutters. That’s all it took to get to here. Not one Afgahani, not one Iraqi, not one Russian, not one Iranian, not one Mexican were involved. No Chinese, North Koreans, Palistians, Iraelis, were involved. Just 7 Saudi Arabia as and 5 Egyptians brought about the Patriot Act, use of the Stingray, blacklisting of US citizens on flights, and neighbors spying on neighbors came from the 12 men with box cutters. It’s amazing how all this has turned out almost 17 years ago. I thought then that someone standing next to me would notice some oddities that were quite apparently to me. I thought the two countries we would have gone to war with would have been completely obvious, yet even to this day, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the last countries on anyone’s mind to invade for the crimes they committed against my country that I served honorably and am raising a family in. I finally said to myself, “Oh well, what can I do standing in a pasture of sheeple?” So, I left it all alone and finally, after a few years of my confusion I had witnessed from my fellow citizens willful ignorance of facts, I did the best I could. Guess I was right about one thing, talk is cheap. Guess that’s why it keeps working.


I’m becoming increasingly annoyed by “news” articles that offer the exact same quote numerous times.


9-11 was an inside job, no question. But even if the official story of 15 of the 19 alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia was true, why didn’t the US attack Saudi Arabia?! Because the Project for a New American Century pulled off its foreign policy coop in 2000, and was able to carry out the “new Pearl Harbor” attack that would convince the Amerikan Sheeple that the terrrrrrists were out ta git us and we should blow ‘em up wherever they may be. And if we slaughter a few million people on the way to gittin’ them terrrrrrrists, we’ll just call it collateral damage and conduct our bloody business as usual. Neither Afghanistan, nor Iraq had anything to do with 9-11, but that didn’t stop the war mongers from invading and destroying those and several other nations in the name of saving them.

Ten to one, the US Government will side with the Saudis when it comes down to choosing because its record of support of terrorist nations far exceeds its support of democratically elected ones.


I’d feel better about this if it were Canada taking the initiative to reduce ties with the ghastly Saudi régime, but this works, too.


How free is Canada of Britain?

You know that Canada has been an independent country since the early 1930s, and that the British Empire collapsed following World War 2, right?

Being free of the USA is our concern.


They add soldiers independently or for the UK in conflicts?


That does it, fuck this site. Bombastic bullshit journalism I can do without.