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Did the US Cause Iran’s Economic Protests & Will Trump Take Advantage?


Did the US Cause Iran’s Economic Protests & Will Trump Take Advantage?

Juan Cole

"To the extent that the protests come out of economic distress, the U.S. is certainly a big part of the problem here, acting in part at the behest of the Israel lobbies and in part at those of the arms manufacturers and oil interests."

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani


I grew up hearing the adage ‘Money is the root of all evil’, (from the Bible passage, Timothy 6:10, I’m sure). Now I’d modify that, with all, respectful deference to Dr.King, to read the U.S. is the root of all evil in this world.


Actually it’s more like “Greed is the root of all evil”

The passage says:“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”

But i get your point.


I would also mention that, as you say the passage says, “For the ‘love’ of money…”, ‘Love’ is the wrong world to describe this crowd in Washington’s greed.

It’s more like, Obsession. Or even, Addiction.


Who does not think the USA is meddling both directly and indirectly in the affairs of Iran, or Russia, China - the list is long, one hundred and ninety some countries and the personal records of how many billions ?

It seems obvious that some world body must step up or be created to deal with the century now unfolding - or is it unravelling?


The headline question is best answered by revisiting January 1953 when outgoing POTUS Truman told the CIA to forget it when they wanted him to buy into their plan to overthrow Iran’s fairly elected Prime Minister Mossadegh who was in the process of nationalizing Iran’s oil.

Eisenhower’s first POTUS action after moving into the White House on January 20 authorized the CIA coup that overthrew Mossadegh and installed a US puppet dictator who maintained fascist control until overthrown by a popular revolution in 1979. This was the first time the CIA overthrew a government.

Every event Iran has experienced during the past 65 years has been caused by the 1953 US coup, and yes Trump will take advantage of any opportunity to start or expand unrest and wars abroad…it makes him look good to his lame brain base.


Seriously? So we get a carbon copy of what happened in Syria and other countries where US funded organisations spearheaded protests against Governments regarded by the US as hostile and Professor Cole wonders if there is American meddling at work? Sure American sanctions create the social discontent in which the seeds of a colour or “Arab Spring” or whatever revolution can be sparked, but American (and Israeli and Saudi) interference goes a lot further than that. And even as the phony Russiagate continues, driven by Democrats incapable of accepting they lost the election because they lost the electorate because they turned neoliberal? The failure to acknowledge the irony is breath-taking.

Oh, by the way, the idea that Iranians would want back the corrupt, US-puppet Shah and his bestial secret police state is a real give-away.


1 trick ponies.