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Did Trump Commit High Crimes and Misdemeanors?


Did Trump Commit High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Marjorie Cohn

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has responded to the crescendo of outrage by appointing former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump'' and "any matters that arose or may arise dire


Anyone as unprepared to be president as Trump is should move very cautiously in the beginning and seek advice for virtually every action. Trump appears to be doing the opposite. He has totally ignored the reality of his unpreparedness and forged ahead anyway to change things as quickly as possible, apparently without seeking much or any advice in many instances. As would be predicted this has resulted in a series of highly questionable actions. The widely held view that he is unfit to be president have been shown to be accurate. To make matters worse he came into office under a cloud of suspicions that he is in some way dependent on Russia and his actions have indicated that he may be hiding information that would be very damaging. Given his behavior it would not be surprising if he stumbled into committing high crimes and misdemeanors.


BGetting into legal technicalities here. Does what he did (which one?) meet the criteria for impeachment and trial under the “high crimes and misdemeaners” clause in the Constitutiin? If as Nixon claimed and recently constitutional lawyers have backed the claim “if the president does it, it isn’t against the law”, is that a wriggle out of it loophole for President Trump?

Thr country would be much better off to nit go so legalistic. It may not be possible to build an air tight legally binding case for impeachment and conviction and removal by three quarters of the Senste.

But much more effective is to turn public opinion so it’s ythoroughly against him that he’ll want to resign. The press is doing a bang up job of reporting every stupid move he makes and outrageous wrongheaded thing he says, like claiming he’s “the victim of the worst witch hunt any politician has ever been subjected to.”

If enough of the U.S. American people keep finding ways to get the message to him that mist of us want him to go away. Surround Mar-a-lago with thousands of noisy demonstrators chanting Trump Must Go. Twitter users Tweet at him, call all the White House hot
Ines with messages saying he must leave office for the good of the country. If he Valle that a witch hunt, say No, this is Americans seeking redress of grievances as the Comdtitutiion provides a right to do. Shame him away.


Okay on that, now where’s part two?

Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter “smells treason.” What’s the legal difference between collusion and treason?

I want to know what smells as well.


To answer the question in the title: of course he did. That’s easy.

But so has every POTUS since Truman signed off on nuclear weapons, signed NSD #1 and the U.S. Congress passed the National Security Act in 1947, sending anything good that was in the U.S. Constitution to blow in the wind.


We notice that the Republican Party, by its silence, is supporting Trump, no matter what.
Even under such dire, unprecedented circumstances, they quite predictably put party over country.


The votes Congressional Republicans need to get to win in 2018 are votes from Trump’s base who will never abandon Trump and will vote against any Congresscritter who so much as implies that Trump be disciplined, let alone impeached.


This line was said in a recent TV show. I think it is pertinent here…

You do know where you end up when you jump out of the pan?


Did Trump Commit High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Since this article was written, Trump’s confessional boast has removed any doubt: In an official transcript of his Oval Office blurb, Trump said that firing the FBI chief ‘relieved pressure’ regarding the FBI Russian probe. It could not be clearer: he has obstructed justice, the very thing Nixon was accused of.


Impressive knowledge of history, linking other presidents to crimes and getting away with them. By displaying your smarts, you are unwittingly arguing that Trump getting off the hook is no big deal, nothing new.

Let us focus instead on Trump’s Oval Office confessional blurb, documented in official White House transcript, saying that he fired FBI chief to ‘relieve pressure’ with the FBI Russian Trump investigation. This is clear evidence of obstruction of justice, replete with proper paper trail, and quite enough to impeach.


Actually I’m quite conscious that Trump getting off the hook is no big deal. If we continue to focus on personalities rather than the realities of the political economy, we are lost. And the longer that Trump hangs on the hook, the real political economy is exposed. I’ve predicted that since his (s)election he’ll last less than a year, not because of Dem opposition (which is shallow and obvious), but because the oligarchy that actually runs the political economy realizes that they screwed up by not taking him out earlier.