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Did Trump Just Reveal Classified Info Doubling Down on Wiretap Claim?


Did Trump Just Reveal Classified Info Doubling Down on Wiretap Claim?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Just as President Donald Trump's unverified wiretapping claims were seemingly dispelled, he stuck his foot further in the mire when he apparently let slip classified information during a televised interview Wednesday evening.


This growling greedy petty dictator uses him mouth (twitter) life a Gatling gun spraying thoughtless, vengeful invective to suit his insatiable narcissistic appetites.


This retard has got to be removed!


President Whatever.


This moron has his foot so far up his own ass, that anything he hears has to come out of his mouth, and does.

How anyone can 'trust' this moral incompetent with anything 'Classified' is beyond belief.

I hope a Secret Service agent with a firearm is always nearby in case Trump starts divulging secrets to the Russians.


You've got a good theory going there Pete22,

What supports it is that Trump is also tied to a known mob FBI informant and a FBI agent prosecuting mob activities in NYC, according to articles that appeared in 2016 in the Washington Post outlining the fact that Trump Tower is made of concrete instead of only Steel Girders like most buildings are and that Trump Tower continued to rise in the middle of city-wide Union Strikes, since Trump's pal allegedly controlled Union voting. The Post tried diligently to link Trump to the mob during the campaign. Keep in mind though, the the Washington Post is a known CIA rag.

Is CIA really a different animal anymore than FBI? After 911 fusion, maybe they all belong to the Five Eyes? The grand specter of FBI's Comey attacking Clinton's email and CIA attacking Trump with Pee Party bugging, makes one think this is a FBI vs. CIA thing.

Inquiring minds want to know!

I want to know.
(apologies to that old TV commercial.)


You couldn't be further from the truth!


About Trump that is