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Did Trump Revive Failed Cold War Cuba Policy to Buy Rubio’s Loyalty?

Did Trump Revive Failed Cold War Cuba Policy to Buy Rubio’s Loyalty?

Miles Mogulescu

Donald Trump has made clear that there’s little room in his “America First” foreign policy for pressure on authoritarian foreign governments – whether Russia, Saudi Arabia, or China – to improve their human rights record. When it comes to human rights, as Trump told Arab leaders last month in Riyadh, his message seems to be “We’re not here to tell you what to do.”

The one exception to this see-no-evil policy is Cuba, where Trump has moved to reimpose failed Cold-War sanctions, ostensibly to pressure the island nation to improve human rights.

Nobody asks just what Cuba did if anything at all to bring about this sudden change of policy!

Cuba did nothing. Trump found himself under investigation and used this policy change towards Cuba as a distraction for the Press to chew on. Very likely a policy change towards Cuba was kept as an ‘insurance policy distraction’ as events in this chaotic WH moved on. Flynn gets fired and Syria got bombed. Mueller investigates and rapprochement with Cuba is sacrificed.

This author’s contention that Trump wants time to organize his forces to start a new Trump Cuba Resort hotel etc is also a factor but Trump needed to use Cuba as a distraction right now once Mueller announced. Was it enough? Maybe for Rubio otherwise it seems not quite though!

Did US fighter jets cross into Syrian air space and shoot down a Syrian fighter jet provoking a tit for tat warning from Russia in response? Now there is a first class distraction. Would a potential trigger scenario to start WW III seem enough to knock Mueller’s investigating Trump off the headlines? Apparently so!

Who knew adding substantially to the risk of WW III could be so useful? Handy in fact! Reusable too!

It would be no surprise if Trump’s actions against Cuba are intended to force the Cubans to grant him favors for current and future Trump business operations in Cuba in exchange for pulling back the restrictions he announced.

Changing President Obama’s sound economic and humanitarian revision to relations between the United States and Cuba is what appears part of Donald Trump’s main mission - to tear down every single thing that our first African American President accomplished; to destroy and hopefully obliterate his legacy. But, no, Mr. Trump is not at all racist!

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