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Did Trump's Tepid Rebuke or Public Outrage Upend GOP's Attack on House Ethics Panel?


Did Trump's Tepid Rebuke or Public Outrage Upend GOP's Attack on House Ethics Panel?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following an overnight public relations disaster that followed a Republican Party vote to eviscerate the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, the party made an abrupt u-turn on Tuesday by withdrawing the reform proposal before a final vote on a package of rules that will guide the new legislative session.


The first priority of a politician is getting re-elected and we hve the votes to do that or throw them out. I don't care how much money they put into a campaign the only thing that counts on election day are votes. WE the people pushed them back this time and we can do it every time all we need to do is watch what they are doing and put there feet to the fire. Every single time!


I second that!!!


What a bunch of stupid people. Leaders of the US Congress having to be told by a megalomaniac how to behave.


More fake news from the MSM. Maybe the MSM are all Russian agents! Shut em down!


Sometimes only music can follow up on recognition of the dynamics of the boat we find ourselves on. For other blue-hairs (and all interested) out there... Nothing to tone up the fighting spirit like a reminder's touch of Carlos!

But perhaps the anthem for the age soon to depart can only be 'Thick as Brick'


Exactly, and this is just the beginning. If we are on guard and as determined as they are, we will win. In the streets, on the phone, email, petitions and more.
They are not unstoppable.


Steve Pearce (oil), part of the "Freedom Caucus." Sick of the gun shops next to pre-schools (Roswell), ca-boys and Halliburton jobs in SE NM; "Freedom!" if these dimwits would think about "rugged individualism" they would start their own business with wind and solar--we have plenty!


Carlos floats my boat.


This is good, and hopefully a pattern that repeats itself. More cynically, though, I think that this might be how the next four years go:



We have a NM Progressive Summit this Sat Jan.7;. it's a start. Is the "Bernie and Democrats" rally on Jan. 15 going anywhere? Just asking--I've been away for the holidays.


Good stuff goat! Thanks!


It's long been the mandate of corporate media to protect um, corporate interests. A charlatan president makes no difference to its agenda.


For sure that once was true but now I'm not so sure that becoming a politician isn't just seen as a stepping stone to the big money jobs with industry, finance, MIC and MSM.


It must be in the streets. It will most likely never be by voting. The Political Establishment are getting very brazen with their vote rigging shenanigans. The streets worked for us in the early 70's to bring about an end to the Vietnam War. It will work again now. We need to organize.


The link took me to Soul Sacrifice which is great but then the next song was the one that is really pertinent and that begins "You've got to change your evil ways."


Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a great example of the power that "we the people" really have as long as we are organized, show solidarity and single minded purpose on issues that are against our best interest, future generations best interest, other wonderful creatures that we share this plant with best interest and our pristine planets best interest. Lets all keep up our strength and stand up for what is right.


this predatory man is not showing "courage" in the ways you mention, methinks. I'd say his interests, as he sees them, simply don't square with the war-with-Russia side of the U.S. elite. He's certainly not standing up the war-makers: the U.S. weapons producers and worldwide sellers. To do that would take real courage. Even Sanders couldn't fully do that, for all the tremendous work he did do. We don't need 3-6 months of this apparently coming presidency to see what his whole campaign, his appointments, his consistent indications of what he wants to do amount to. Just as he's motivated (with the "liberal media"'s great help) the greatest uptick in domestic U.S. hate crimes since 9-11, he is offering to perpetrate massive crimes against our children (extreme runaway climate change), against the poor and marginalized, etc. etc.

As we call out this madness, we must also call out our visions for real progress for all: sustainable and democratic economy, compassionate and inclusive society, swords into ploughshares (or better, into free permaculture education and agricultural land redistribution to enlightened small farmers), vegan solution to the animal agriculture horror, clean and beautiful mass transit, grassroots democracy from the ground up.


Well, im slightly impressed that this was reversed. I didn't expect that. The good news is that the behavior stands out: secretive meetings that show hints of conspiratorial leanings. I guess it doesn't have to be men in a dark smokey room after all. Maybe its a state's Congressmen.


Its also true that the only reason america "won" the revolution and gained independence was because enough rich colonists realized they could make even more money if they formed their own government. And so they "invested" in the Colonial Army. The payback was huge. The real american dream has always been creating a big scheme to benefit the wealthy. The common people have only been disposable fodder to meet that end. The only reason trump got as many votes as he did is because enough common people were brainwashed into believing they needed to support the rich man's status quo.