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Did You Hear the One About the Party That Self-Destructed?

Did You Hear the One About the Party That Self-Destructed?

John Atcheson

The United States is no longer a Democracy, it's an oligarchy.


Folks: Just imagine if the corporate presstitutes ( the MSM ) covered the Oligarchs, meddling in our elections 24/7… like they do the Russians meddling!


Tantamount? You remember that patsy team which used to be tormented by the Harlem Globetrotters? They were called the Washington Senators. They could have been called the Washington Democrat Senators, or the Tantamounts.


If there is ever a time to start a third party-not the pitiful pc Greens-it is now. Bernie has the popularity, the stature, the experience (and the fact that the DNC screwed him) to pull it off. Instead of not too successfully fighting the DNC structure internally, forming a popular external threat would wake these corrupt corporados up. Unfortunately Sanders may be too naive and entrenched in his present role. Breaking with the Democrats-he is an independent after all - by forming a new progressive party with broad appeal would belie the accusation that he is just a “sheepdog” being used to keep progressives enmeshed but ineffective in the stinky slime that is the party today.

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this sentiment ran its course in 2016, and Sanders has long since delivered his answer.

You’ll need another savior.


Your glib dismissal of the Greens is amenable to the challenge posed to Greens themselves: “If you don’t like them, why don’t you join them and change them from the inside?”

Greens haven’t yet won a national election, but there are Greens currently serving in local and state offices, despite the myriad obstacles strewn in their path by the duopoly. It would be foolish to discard or discount their established network in favor of starting anew.


They were called the Washington Generals. " Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts ". Harmon Killebrew of the Minnesota Twins ( formerly known as the Washington Senators ).:wink:


You could say that of Progressives, within the Dimocratic Party, and have it be more accurate.
Please tell me who in the GP holds a state office that was elected? We have plenty of Greenies on, for example, The Shallow Waterways & Irrigation Ditches State Council of Oregon, but those are appointed positions.


You wanna talk self-destruction? Check out this three-part series from the WSWS. Be sure to read all three parts and pass on to as many people as you know. It will blow your minds. Maybe this is the kick-start we need for a strong third party:


Sanders would never do anything to topple that apple cart, heck, he won’t even call out Corporate State Democrats explicitly, much less run as a third party candidate. It will NEVER happen.

I honestly don’t think naivete has anything to do with it.


I am starting to favor however “extreme leftists” taking over the fucking party. To those who advocate a third party answer, I am not opposing that.

I’m just clucking away here, not really knowing the answer.


Touché! You stung me so good on that one, I’m messing up my adverbs.

Wow! Someone who remembers Harmon Killebrew! I went to school with his daughter.

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That isn’t an exaggeration you know! Look how the DCCC is sabotaging progressive candidate Laura Mossier in Houston. The current members of the Democratic Party leadership want nothing more than to assure that their spigot of Wall Street and donor class money is NEVER cut off.


Atcheson seems to be on a crusade against flexibility. Apparently inflexibility is now a virtue everyone is supposed to admire. Maybe he can start the Inflexible Party. The main qualification is to have never changed your position one iota on anything. Even Bernie Sanders shifted his position on gun control so I guess he has no chance at being accepted.

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Define what you mean by “flexibility”. My guess is that you want people to be “flexible” on corruption, and policies that have a record of both failure, and in harming your party’s electoral chances. If you worked really hard, you might find three working people in West Virginia and North Dakota that think it’s a good idea to deregulate the damn banks. People like you benefit from the Democratic Party being a corrupt mess with no coherent alternative to the right wing.


“The United States is no longer a democracy, it’s an oligarchy.”
The United States has been an oligarchy for many decades, it’s not just something that has happened recently. Neither political party has come out firmly in favor of paper ballots in all elections, which would be one step toward ensuring fair elections, but until then rigging of voting machines by the oligarchs will be the norm. Of course, all we will continue to hear is Russia, Russia, Russia.


The NY Times’ admonition to “let the Party bosses pick candidates” flies in the face of Einstein’s time proven admonition that “you will not solve a problem when you task those who caused the problem with solving it”.


DO NOT give one penny to them. Also, write letters to editors if you can and continue to spread the word. The dems are rethug lite gun totin’ thieves

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I agree- it’s all smoke and mirrors.