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Did You Know That AARP Is A Paying Member Of ALEC?


Did You Know That AARP Is A Paying Member Of ALEC?

Dave Johnson

Here is a real shocker. AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) has been a paying member of the notorious right-wing, Koch-tied lobbying organization American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) since at least 2014.


I have consistently thrown away solicitations from AARP ever since I started getting them at 50. I did it because I already knew that they have gone from being representatives of older Americans and their interests to being an insurance selling scheme. This is just one more reason to have nothing to do with them. Although, I will admit that for some seniors, their Medigap supplemental health insurance coverage is one of the better such products out there. My parents have it, and so far it seems to be working for them. However, that is one of the pernicious things about an organization like AARP - they actually do good by some people, while hurting the overall population.


Of course it is. It's an insurance company first and foremost. Does anyone think AARP is making all their money from membership fees?
Not even close.
So like any other good insurer, they're a corporatist organization.


AARP has been after me to join for 13 years. Was thinking about it until the Medicare Part D fight during the W administration and AARP sided with the administration and passed the legislation/rules that prohibited the government from negotiating fair drug prices from pharmaceutical companies. Since then I have loosely monitored AARP's political positions and have seen that they are, like so many US institutions, sell-outs to the oligarchy and the status quo. Also many of their actions and positions reinforce the feeling among the younger generations that their elders are hoarding their privileges and sailing off with their future.

Fuck AARP. This revelation does not surprise me one bit.


I joined AARP prior to the Part D fight and promptly ended my membership when they showed their colors in the Part D fight. Watching AARP push for the Heritage Foundation's grand corporate welfare program as Obama was relabeling it the ACA in 2009-2010 confirmed that I made the right decision.


I receive their enrollment brochure every month it seems. So I checked out what they actually offer. Expensive insurance and discounts for seniors that fly a lot.
I've always suspected it was a scam and never considered joining, though I know people who have.
This is no surprise.


I wrote AARP to tell them we would stop our membership if they did not completely withdraw from ALEC. Have not heard back.


Excellent, i was going to add that to the actions outlined in the article:

"For decades, ALEC has plied state legislators with disinformation about Social Security, climate change, and other issues along with bills and resolutions that undermine Americans’ financial security and our future.Please sign the following letter (and if you are a member of AARP, please also contact the organization directly and ask that they DUMP ALEC)."

And if you are a member, resign from AARP.


Dave Johnson looks like a younger Bob Keeshan (Capt. Kangaroo and Clarabell the clown from 1950's American TV).


Clarabell the Clown was with Howdy Doody.




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I'm a member of AARP & just signed the petition to dump ALEC. I don't think I will hear from them about that. I used to think only conservatives hated AARP.


News flash from http://standuptoalec.org : once exposed, AARP dropped ALEC like a hot potato!


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