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'Did You Read It?' Orrin Hatch Mocked for Praising Editorial That Condemns His 'Utter Lack of Integrity'


'Did You Read It?' Orrin Hatch Mocked for Praising Editorial That Condemns His 'Utter Lack of Integrity'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Utah senator apparently didn't look past the headline


If the people who voted for Hatch (and Corker and Ryan and Trump, etc.) ever find out the depth of contempt he has for them, there won’t be a hole deep enough for him to hide in.


let’s hope this is just the start of the push-back against the republithugs, really the white men who think only of themselves and will all be gone by the end of 2018. It’s up to all of us across this country to get busy right now and organize to inform our citizenry on every level just who has been screwing them for a very long time.May this scam come back to haunt them for many generations!

NOW IS THE MOMENT America. happy new year.


And some people think they read letters from constituents? This guy is just a common criminal with a Senator’s office. he belongs in Guantanamo with Sessions, Trump and a whole bunch of the others. They are enemies of the people of the US and the world and traitors to our constitution and its form of government. time to call them out and work to take them out of office forever!


yes, most of them are white men - but not all and some are women. Now the question is - are these white men setting the agenda which is causing some minorities and women to act the same way? Based on history- probably so. They all need to be dealt with though - from orin hatch to Clarence Thomas to Betsy DeVos.


Supporters of the republican party refuse to even see what is before their own eyes, much less believe it. If Hatch were to sneer directly into their faces they would pass it off as “fake news.” Hopefully, more than 50% of the electorate will be energized enough to finally overcome the disproportionate effect of the irretrievable stupidity of the 25%.

Nice guitar BTW. Mine is a 1980 Guild F50. Sweet!!


Orrin Hatch - Poster child for term-limits / age limits.


Borin’ Orrin scores again!


Oooohh, I love to have to squint under the bright lights when the dark closets they keep trying to stuff us into are opened and that brightness gives climate change a run for its money on flooding in!!

The hatchling - hmmm… a horror story lurks under a title like that. Good bye Mr. Hatch. We’ll fumigate behind you.


Johnson sez: “Around 24 hours after the ‘grateful’ tweet was sent, a Hatch spokesman
took to Twitter to insist that the senator’s comments were ‘tongue-in-cheek.’”

In which case the senator’s grasp of satire is as weak as his reading comprehension.


There will be no values placed before profit and that includes life.


Orrin Hatch, the Senator that told disabled people to “shut up” if they want a hearing. While he was busy slashing their healthcare. What a sleaze.

Sleaze: noun

"immoral, sordid, and corrupt behavior or material, especially in business or politics.“political campaigns that are long on sleaze and short on substance”


Just remember, those who want to see Donnie Tiny Hands leave the Presidency prematurely, that the Senior Senator from Utah is the most senior member of the majority party in the Senate, making him Senate President Pro Temp, third in line to become POTUS, after VP Pence and Speaker Ryan, and just ahead of Sec. State Tillerson. Now there’s a rogue’s gallery of nightmares if ever I heard of one!


A long time ago there use to be what was called: “THE RED MENACE”. That needs to be replaced with the " REPUBLICAN MENACE". Which Trump, Sessions, Orin Hatch and so many OTHERS in the Republican party epitomize.

America would probably have been better off under the Communist party than the current Republican party which Chomsky called: “THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD”!


And ALL the neocons and Ziocons. Bunch of cons!


Methinks the “Fucking Moron” virus is spreading quite nicely in the Republican party.


mr. hatch did not read the tax bill he signed before voting and did not read this column before commenting.

remind us again why the citizens of utah keep electing this guy?


Orrin Boobie Hatch.


These immoral people continue to be re-elected because people believe propaganda delivered by “the media” After all this is much easier than researching and thinking.


Which one of these wouldn’t include Bernie Sanders?