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'Did You Read It?' Orrin Hatch Mocked for Praising Editorial That Condemns His 'Utter Lack of Integrity'


Yes, the dumbing-down of the electorate proceeds apace. And although that has been the plan (and succeeding nicely) for a long while now - by both parties - it does not excuse said electorate. A critically-thinking, interested, educated, and watchful populace is essential in a democracy. If so many of us progressives on the left can see through all the BS propaganda, so can the ignorant apathetic morons, if they so chose. The tens of millions who drink the Kool-Aid and take the lazy lemming path are complicit in the crimes committed in their names by those they elect.


And Nancy-impeachment-is-off-the-table-Pelosi, along with Diane Feinstein!




Yes, I encourage Orrin to take his own life, since he is so willing to take others lives without even so much as a pause.


That photo is a perfect portrayal of the most dangerous organization in the world; i.e. the Republican Party, led by and for what you see; old white men in suits. It is imperative that they be consigned to the dustbin of history. They have done more than enough damage!


gene, you just gave me the script of my next nightmare. 2017 has been chock full of them! :smile::smile:


Agree totally! The “Red Menace” was never a menace. The Republican menace is for real!


Just include a competency clause

But I guess that would include many before they even reached an age limiter


Yes! And I would say we have not seen anything yet.


Many of the Republicans actions seem to model the security state apparatus of the old soviet or east german communist regimes. From building border walls to spying on citizens and controlling the media - they have many of the same agendas. Look at things like swat teams, asset forfeitures and other outrageous police behavior the republicans support. These are things of a totalitarian regime and that is what the republicans seem to love and the leaders of the old soviet and east german regimes pursued as well. Freedom is important and totalitarian mentalities hate the thought of free thinking and acting people.


Exactly! And that is why the totalitarian mentalities want to neuter the net.


Term Limits: Orrin Hatch, 83, has been a US Senator since 1977 (Currently in his 8th term). Bernie Sanders, 76, only since 2007 (Currently in his 2nd term).

It seems to me that in the Senate, a two-term limit (12 years) would work well. Besides, we’ve seen examples of how Senators NOT returning for election vote and speak their mind as opposed to towing the party line.

I also prefer to have people in office whose lives will overlap with the consequences of their decisions, not a bunch of old men whose choices are based on ego and staying in “the club”.


“Mindless Zombie Syndrome.”


We’ve all heard of “Dennis the Menace.”

Now, we’re saddled with “Donnie Demento.”

Or, “Psycho President,” “Touch in the Head Trump,” or, “Disturbed Donald.”

Sorry, just playing.


As James Thurber once said, "Don’t count your Boobies until they are Hatched . . . "


Like all your playing!


Thanks. I misspelled one.

Supposed to read, “Touched in the Head Donald.”