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Diego Garcia: The “Unsinkable Carrier” Springs a Leak


Diego Garcia: The “Unsinkable Carrier” Springs a Leak

Conn Hallinan

The recent decision by the Hague-based International Court of Justice that the Chagos Islands — with its huge U.S. military base at Diego Garcia — are being illegally occupied by the United Kingdom (UK) has the potential to upend the strategic plans of a dozen regional capitals, ranging from Beijing to Riyadh.



Let’s see, we could not secure Viet Nam–nor even half of it–but we are going to take on China and/or Russia? No, we are going to waste Planetary resources to play little boy games with Big Boy Potential rather than to learn how to live in harmony with the Planet and all of her inhabitants. Brilliant. Wanted: women of character to clean up after these little boys. There is no liberation from their immaturity, but you are welcome to ground them for Life–all of ours.



Thanks Conn Hallinan and FPF for basic, honest reporting, and thanks CD for republishing this piece.

So much horror and war inflicted by colonizers. Colonization is NOT “in the past,” it is the world we live in. Diego Garcia is simply a blatant, if hidden from awareness, instance of the colonization that permeates our land, our economy, our society, our minds.

Actual “de-colonization” of Earth and humanity is sorely, sorely needed. Without it, we accelerate toward mass extinction, ecological dis-integration, serial and multiple genocides, omnicide. Not a distant imagined dystopian future, omnicide is unfolding all around us, and inside us, today.

Colonization is the predatory arrogant way the modern global corporation operates, legacy of the original “investor owned, publicly traded, limited liability corporations” that were literally founded to carry out colonization. Colonization is the “ownership” of land, water, resources, life, DNA, all of whose only basis in “ownership” is theft, from the “Doctrine of Discovery” and the grand theft continental that founded “the colonies” that began the USA, to the grand theft elemental that is the patenting and licensing of genetic material. Colonization is “Human Resources Management.” Colonization is the “mainstream” corporate media, and the predatory data-mining “social media.” Colonization is a lifetime of inescapable debt, from “education,” from having a home, from medical care, from “credit.” Colonization is mass incarceration, modern enslavement.

Colonization is our society, our culture, and our consciousness that accepts all of this. Colonization is believing that it is “unrealistic” or “insane” to imagine genuine de-colonization.

De-colonize your mind, indeed! Imagine literal de-colonization of the economy, the Earth, humanity. This is the path of life. “The powers that be” appear very powerful indeed, but their collapse is inevitable, one way or the other. The questions revolve around our ability and willingness to see and spread a different way of being, against the colonizing culture and consciousness and power structure, in harmony with the living Earth and with each other. We can step intentionally away from the culture of arrogance, bullying, theft and murder, toward a culture of humility, nurturing, sharing, and natural life and death.

Can we awaken and act in time to allow society and the ecology to re-stabilize before collapse? Our only tools are our minds, our bodies, our spirits, and the actual lives we live.



Note how Colonization is still predominatly carried out by the West European nations coupled with the Colonies they founded via those Corporations.

The Western Banking system, the World Bank, the IMF all of those NGO’s based out of those countries and the UN itself have all become tools of Colonization. Anyone who thinks the members of the EU have evolved beyond where they were 200 years ago has thier had in the sands.

The ICC through its recent actions has become a tool of this as well . Based in Europe they refuse to prosecute the UK , France or the USA for war crimes , but will eagerly go after leaders in Africa that do the same things.

Virtualy every institution based in these Western Nations from Humans Right Watch to the Nobel prize Committee has turned itself into a tool of the Colonizers



Wasn’t one of the recent whistleblowers exposing the World Bank and IMF explicitly for their intentional predatory debt enslavement practices? Here is it, Karen Hudes, republished at Global Research:



Could we have been victorious in Vietnam? Sadly that was not our objective. The U.S. massive military machine had an RPM governor. How many ground troops do we remember charging past the DMZ? That’s right, almost none. We didn’t even give it a Korean War like attempt.
This was a political war, not a true ground war.



Most of the US war was bombing, both in Vietnam and in surrounding countries. Here’s Doonsebury about the “secret bombing” of Cambodia during the war:

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I assume that the Ho Chi Minh Trail was known while the French were there. If I was in charge, (with hind sight of course), I would have had the Ho defoliated for a mile on either side, and sent a Desert Storm size offensive north. And to compliment that do the same on Highway One on the eastern side.
I would have the ARVN’s protect the cities in the south, and not in the field.
Does anyone remember the massive offensives of WW2 ? Well?



Pretty soon there will be AI robots fighting for the “high tech” side. Their dream of “full spectrum dominance,” and no messy casualties to build anti-war sentiment at home. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?!?

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Gary, are you being sarcastic in this comment? I sure hope so because it strikes me as out of your usual mien on CD.



What also should be included in this article is the shameful complicity of “respectable” conservation organisations which endorsed the UK when it created a “marine reserve” that was to ensure that no returning Chagos islander could have a viable livelihood, a protected area which exempts the American base.

Another thing to mention is that the Chagossians won every legal case they brought within the UK, all the way up to the highest court of the land, and it was only by applying a unique antiquated royal dispensation that the UK could maintain the exile.



RE: How Great Britain [and the US] can argue for international law in the Crimea and South China Sea, while ignoring the International Court of Justice on the Chagos, will require some fancy footwork.

Oh, they are quite good at the “footwork” - otherwise known as hypocrisy.



I was stationed on ships in Diego Garcia through the 80’s and 90’s.
I witnessed the mass harvesting of the coral reefs by my ship’s crew during the early 80’s. Our ship’s captain organized an boat expedition into the virgin reefs. The captain sat on the prow of the landing craft while crew members dug coral out of the reefs. The captain had a cigar in his mouth and a rifle in his hands should a shark appear. Years later I witnessed the entire lagoon covered in dead fish. Another vessel I was familiar with had dumped barrels of dangerous chemicals during the night that were used while retubing a boiler.



Was this in the part of the lagoon that was designated as a marine reserve?



A good link and it mentions the Bank of International Settlements. As powerful as this entity is, one can find very little in the way of concrete information on it and I think that exactly what they desire.

I read quite some time ago a detailing of how it was that around 1972 with inflation out of control and Nixon having taken the US dollar off the gold standard , a meeting held with a number of directors of various Central banks and the BIS.

It was agreed that the Governments of these Countries would surrender their abilities to print monies in favor of this being controlled by private banks. It was claimed that the Governments ability to print money lead to inflation and the only way to control this was to restrict that ability.

This was the day those Governments surrendered Sovereignty to that Banking system. There an old adage “all wars are bankers wars”. The Banking Cartel , controlled by a handful of people use War to force nations into debt and with that debt control EVERYTHING.

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My guess is it now is
The Chagos Marine Protected Area , located in the central Indian Ocean in the British Indian Ocean Territory of the United Kingdom, is one of the world’s largest marine protected areas, and one of the largest protected areas of any type (land or sea) on Earth. It was established by the British government on 1 April 2010 as a massive, contiguous, no-take marine reserve, it encompasses 640,000 square kilometres (250,000 sq mi) of ocean waters, including roughly 70 small islands and seven atolls of the Chagos Archipelago.

In a cable leaked by WikiLeaks, a US State Department official commented based on talks with British ministers and officials that establishing the reserve to restrict fishing would be the “most effective long-term way to prevent any of the Chagos Islands’ former inhabitants or their descendants from resettling.”[3] The same cable explained that the protection would permit environmental damage if caused by military use: “the terms of reference for the establishment of a marine park would clearly state that the BIOT, including Diego Garcia, was reserved for military uses. … the establishment of a marine reserve had the potential to be a ‘win-win situation in terms of establishing situational awareness’ of the BIOT… [the government] sought ‘no constraints on military operations’ as a result of the establishment of a marine park.”


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It was a long time ago. We were anchored near the entrance of the lagoon and travelled for at least 30 minutes on a landing craft into the lagoon.



That is heartbreaking. Thanks for letting us know.



Alan, thanks for the link. Somehow, I’d overlooked it on Truthout. Now I wish I hadn’t read it. Homo sapiens? Wrong. Homo stupidus, Rapeticus sociopathus.

How to fight these schmucks and fight for the precious waters? ( Not a rhetorical question.)