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'Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship': Dems Threaten Barr With Contempt Over Refusal to Testify

'Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship': Dems Threaten Barr With Contempt Over Refusal to Testify

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Attorney General William Barr announced he will not show up for his scheduled hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday and refused to comply with a subpoena for the unredacted Mueller report, House Democrats said they plan to hold Barr in contempt if he continues to flaunt congressional demands.

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“Dems Threaten Barr With Contempt…”

Quit with the threats. Just do it.


I fear that the Democrats’ tools for stopping Barr, Trump, etc., are very limited. DC courts won’t take lawsuits involving government personnel, no matter how egregious. The Republican Senate won’t take Barr to trial if he is impeached by the House. Maybe our only hope of making the Republican filthy felons pay for anything IS to overwhelmingly win the 2020 election on every front, and then sue the hell out of them.

I am beginning to think that Trump’s election was part of a well-managed coup, and unless we are very alert and careful, we could lose our democracy.

I just wish somebody had a workable plan to put these felons in jail or out on a prison island that will be overwhelmed by the seas 6 months after they are transported there.


I agree that the tools available are woefully inadequate and most likely, ineffectual. I would at least like to see the Democrats take the steps that are available to them for the historical record.


"It’s time to make a radical, unmistakable stand.”

Hear that pelosi?

Gangsters always look tough until you bust them and they get a Tougher Law Enforcer on their crying ass

AG Mitchel was a complete jerk, Agnew too, until we forced their butts out of office

Nobody has crystal ball and we know this administration is full of loud mouthed bullies from the top down

Torturing kids…Screw them
Fight them until the Light of Truth forces them out

Victor Hugo — 'Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.‘


Nadler’s options are limited. The problem is the announcing of actions to be taken before hand, there is no surprise element. If the dem’s could keep their moths shut and just act things might be different. But not really, those folk’s have the jobs they have for a reason. “Impeachment is not on the table” nancy is there for one reason, barr for his. It’s called a wipe-out while shooting the tube. You get crushed and flushed by a giant wave. The only way to save this thing is for nancy to announce impeachment and that isn’t going to happen. Congrat’s to Putin for his extra-ordinary win.

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Democrats need to stop threatening–just arrest this SOB.


Yes, I agree. We need a record of the wrong-doing and Democrats’ attempts to bring the felons to justice.

Kabuki for kriminal elements - both parties speaking in code and warning the other about what any action will mean in terms of their own legal and political liabilities. Enter stage right, gin up a song and dance about a ‘hot seat’ hearing, place barr buns face up, pretend to roast and toast knowing full well that the show is to prep an audience for the next round of ‘terms’ of endearment for the corporations while pretending to ‘take care of the ‘peoples’ business’.


I don’t understand why you and many others expect the damnocrats to do ANYTHING that is the right thing. THERE IS ONLY ONE PARTY!


Hon. William P. Barr? Nothing honorable about the scumbag!


That photo - the “Honorable William Barr”. There is no “honor” in this shameless shill for the Orange Pustule. Just another example, like the odious racist Jeff Sessions, of the “best people” that Trumpo the Traitor said would be in his regime, er “administration”. After all, Trump said that the thing he wants most in this bunch of crooks and criminals is “loyalty” to his authoritarian bullshit.


Nothing will change until you and most other citizens wake up to the fact that the US is NOT a democracy!!!
Democracy = one person one vote. Candidate with most votes wins
Electoral College is not democracy.
Super delegates is not democracy
Judges selecting winner (2000) is not democracy
Corporate owned politicians is not democracy


Mitchell was scum. He infamously said - “We are going to push this country so far to the right that you won’r recognize it.” That is just what this Rethug trash did. As Robert Redford said recently - “I do not recognize the country of my birth anymore.” Neither do I and I am increasingly ashamed of being an American citizen. I Ioathe everything about this traitor in the Oval Office and his corrupt flunkies.


Now that Barr has made good on his promise not to show up…how soon will the contempt citation be issued ?

If and when the citation is issued the GOP side of the aisle will sound like a barn yard with lots of theatrical squeals and squawks.

What fvcking negotiations? Arrest the fat ass and let him rot in jail.

“Washington Two Step!”

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Dim options are only limited by there complete lack of imagination and backbone.

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The United States is not a democracy; it’s a republic. We elect representatives to do the work of government and governance. The three branches of the government are not “co-equal” - the order of precedence is in the way the text of the Constitution is arranged- House, Senate, Executive, and Judicial. The House and Senate are tasked with an unenviable job - to somehow work together to do the business of Government, even when each body is under opposing majorities, and often working at cross- purposes. The current environment of “Party before People” is becoming dangerous. The environment is eroding the underlying Republic, and if the pillars get weakened enough, they could be kicked out from under the Republic.


Barr Out- Witted the DimWits on trap questions they set for him. He beat Harris and many others, as he was well prepared. He won that Poker Game. Had Mueller found one sliver of solid evidence, which I’m sure was there, none of this Give it to Barr garbage would have happened. Mueller failed at his job and so did Comey with HRC. Expecting any Politician to come to our rescue is a pipe dream. If we want Change, it’s up to us. Look at the French. They refuse to back down and are in the streets all day, every day.

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