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'Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship': Dems Threaten Barr With Contempt Over Refusal to Testify

Now that the Dems have “threatened Barr with contempt”, if they fail to issue the citation they will further empower Barr and the GOP. The swing voters they Democrats need to win in 2020 will abandon them.

Nixon would have never resigned if so many of his henchmen had not been removed first, pushing Nixon to the edge.


Memo to Jake Johnson:

“Flaunt” is what’s being done when I wave my diamond pinky ring under your nose—an ostentatious display meant to evoke jealousy.

“Flout” is what’s being done when I’m aware of a law and violate it anyway—a contemptuous display meant to evoke feelings of powerlessness.

With that said, as others have pointed out, it’s best not to hold much hope for either wing of the duopoly to do the right thing when they’re so busy playing to their respective bases (and, simultaneously, trying not to anger the donor class any more than absolutely necessary).


The Republicans had this pretty much won until Lindsey Graham opened his mouth at the end of the hearing in the hall then ran off to the bath room. That was the funniest escape I’ve seen in a long time, cringe worthy and funny. Then there was Doug Collins. Huh fast talking double speak. I use to think that southern accent was cute, now it is just a warning of bent propaganda, Pretty much identical to the Fox cockney . Planned directly for talking points to Fox; Hannity, Pirro, Ingraham Carlson.

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I think Hon must be short for Baltimore ‘Honey’. You know, like in ‘Hey, hon’

"Lock Him Up."


Another day. Another chunk chipped out of our democracy. Another day of nothing being done about it.


They don’t want to upset their fat ass leader who might twitter shame them.


Chant: “Barr to be disbarred, Barr behind bars!”


We have a song; PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN BY B. S. would like to see someone record a new song: ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN! Of course, it would never be given any play or exposure!

Put Barr Behind Bars!!” sounds great, but it ain’t likely to happen as long as P’Loser is in control of the House . . .     :anguished:

This never would have be allowed in the Nixon Era when I was an Activist. All of us were Activists because of the Draft and ending the flow of Body Bags coming off the planes at dinner time. Congress heard us as they knew we would go to War with them if they did not cooperate. These are different times as our Activists are not worth a penny. Younger Generation is not worth much more as they expect justice from corrupt Politicians. The big joke is on them and this sick world they will be forced to live in. I did my part…


Disagree. The rump had no intention of winning the election. He was in it for the branding of the rump name. I would not be surprised if he actually s**t in his pants once he was announced the winner. He did not want to be president way more than Hillary wanted to be.


I have had nothing but contempt for Nancy P’Loser ever since she and chicken-shit O’Bummer let Cheney, Prince, Yoo and the rest of their gang off the hook for War Crimes back in 2009.


I didn’t mean winning the election. He certainly planned to take over IF he won, and he did. Furthermore, he’s working diligently to save himself from any penalties for his lawbreaking. He’s cramming the courts with right-wingers, and I believe he had Russian help, once they saw he won. His Helsinki comments were heart-stopping, and I think he had Putin’s support and protection for his evil-doing in Russia.

Democracy is what America claims to be; a Fascist, Dictatorship is what it now actually is!

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Please reread the Constitution and thank you.

Put her in with him.

Our war against Dick and Zero was tough but rewarding, in the end.

We helped America to see how much of a crook they voted for.

Big deal. No enlightenment resulted since look at what we have to deal with now.

The resulting enlightenment remained only with the few.

The many, addicted to the Duopoly, have become Zombies.

Bad for all of us.