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'Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship': Dems Threaten Barr With Contempt Over Refusal to Testify

Stop threatening already! Just friggen do it.

By “her” I presume you are referring to the super-senile Ms. P’Loser, by “him” O’Bummer and/or Barr and/or Tweetle-Dumb.  IMHO, “Lock 'Em ALL Up” — Ashcroft, Bush & Barr, Cheney & Clinton (all 3), DeVos, Evans, Frist, Gonzales, Hilliary, Ivanka, Joe and Junior, Kushner, Liebowicz, McConnell and Mnuchin, North, O’Bummer, P’Loser & Prince, Rummy, Siegrist, Tweetle-Dumb, Udall, Wasserman-Schultz, Xe, Yoo, Zabrinski — and many, many more . . .


I’m wit chu Unc. Lock em all up.

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