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Different Tax Rules for Wealthy and Powerful


Different Tax Rules for Wealthy and Powerful

Linda McQuaig

Brian Mulroney will surely be best remembered for the suitcase full of thousand dollar bills he received in a New York hotel room.

The riveting image of the former prime minister accepting wads of cash from a notorious lobbyist — admitted by Mulroney under cross-examination at a 2009 public inquiry — was so eye-popping that it completely eclipsed another fascinating aspect of the story: the sweetheart tax deal Mulroney got from the Canada Revenue Agency after he failed to report the cash.


Great stuff from Ms. McQuaig - an added morsel of rancid corruption is that the committee refused to hear comments about KPMG from the experts brought in to address this serious issue. The committee chair's false apologetics that a court case is underway denies the historical precedent and validity of democracy operating at all times, especially in the face of such blatant corruption. This instance exposes the Liberals once again as fascism lite.


The wealthy and powerful paid a lot of money to the politicians to have the tax code slanted to benefit them and the politicians.

Their attitude is that if you can't afford to buy justice or a slanted tax code, you deserve neither.


There was also a case of a very wealthy individual transferring his wealth out of the country.

Normally if this done the CRA will levy a tax on the amounts transferred. In this case the CRA suspended the rule for a few days. allowed the transfer to occur and then reimplemented the rule.

No one that I know of was ever charged. This was way back under a previous Liberal administration as I recall demonstrating that both Conservatives and Liberals cater to the wealthy.


True that. Revise the Tax Code so that everyone pays a fair share and, in all likelihood, there would be almost enough in the coffers to "throw money at" all the commons problems that could use a cash infusion. One could even eliminate the "almost" in that formulation if in addition the imperial military complex could be at least partially defunded.

But that can't happen soon enough to save us from ourselves because the tax law have been skillfully contrived to be incomprehensible even to the self styled "tax experts." It would be impossible, or nearly so, to craft new tax rules and regulations that could be presented to the electorate in a way where good reforms could be distinguished from revised updated versions of the same old shabby scams.


Quit picking on the wealthy, geezz what a bunch of whiners.


Who finds it strange that tax laws made by the wealthy and powerful are used to try to redistribute wealth more equally?


I know. The wealthy, winers and diners that they are, get so picked on for doing what they do best. Segregating everyone else who isn't them.