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Dig Beneath the World’s Far-Right Governments—You’ll Find Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/10/dig-beneath-worlds-far-right-governments-youll-find-fossil-fuels

I expect better from Mr. sen.

it is not fossil fuels, but the mindset of capitalism and its associated externalities that is at its core de facto entitled and classist, that is the cause of the right wing.
Fossil fuels are only a part of the problem.

If tomorrow the money is to be made in selling oxygen needed to breathe, then it would be the source of monetization and declaration of supremacy.

The furthest right government on the planet, that of Saudi Arabia, is indeed based on fossil fuels.

But Modi’s sectarianism dictates are based on the fear of the fascist mindset of losing to community that is more egalitarian, but allows for Islamic proselytizing and other practices.

A feeble attempt to counter to effective social encroachment of demographic share. .

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I suppose we can all adjust our scenarios to come up with who the greediest are. Developers invest money to travel, make compromising offers to asset holders, take them where people won’t deal, more investment in drilling, mining, and infrastructure, refining, brokering, and collecting profits. Those profits must be protected, and so then must the wells and mines be as well. It takes a certain mindset that welcomes greed as an aspiration, and security can be cheap if you can get the military to support it. The industry then supports the military in return, and the right-wing becomes the home of the union of greed, power, politics, and the other part of greed that denies the the non energy people the means of survival without paying through the nose.
No worries though, we will be moving on to space age energy soon enough with renewables always a part of the story. imho.

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Included in those far-right governents would have to be the US since 1945…


As you rightly mention, Saudis Arabia is a far right country but aside from a single paragraph mentioning Brazil, this article was not about the many far right regimes world wide. It was mainly about India and relatively little to do with fossil fuel extraction except in passing. While an article about India’s rightest regime is perfectly valid and should be welcome on a site like CD, I think resorting to what is deception in the hopes of getting readers to learn about one issue by latching on to the climate problem is mediocre writing at best and which is something that should have been corrected by an editor. The title of the piece alone is almost egregiously invalid as the following article doesn’t just skip over the connection of rightist governments around the world and fossil fuel extraction - but it actually does pretty much the same thing even for India and that one country was actually what the piece was about. I think an article that “digs beneath” the connection between fossil fuel extraction and the various rightist governments world wide would be of great interest to progressives. However, this disappointing (and somewhat alienating through its deception) article wasn’t it. IMO

Authors should have more respect for the CD venue and its readers and at least be honest about what subject they claim to be writing about.

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I think the missed connection is between far-right governments and countries which tolerate–or exacerbate!–grotesque wealth inequality.

Please don’t edit a sentence I wrote to make it look like I wrote something else. Your truncated quote above is the exact opposite of my comment’s original intent which would have been made clear if you had quoted the entire sentence.

Saudi Arabia had dreams of a pipeline to Europe but the one country standing in their way; Syria under Assad. CIA backed regime change enacted. There were plans for a gas pipeline from Russia to southern Europe through Ukraine and backed by President Yanukovych. CIA backed coup forces him to flee the country. USA steps in to negotiate liquid gas shipments with Obama crowing about all the fracking and pipeline done under his administration.

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If we followed the prime directive that Life is Prime Value the leaders would be wise elders with reverence for the Earth and the speciesystem.
Everyone would want it that way as this is who we are .We are not being told who we are .
Look at the new story of our evolution .
Change the Story to change our on the ground reality .