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Digital Rights Defenders Sound Alarm Over Big Tech's Efforts to 'Erode' California's Landmark Privacy Law

Digital Rights Defenders Sound Alarm Over Big Tech's Efforts to 'Erode' California's Landmark Privacy Law

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Digital rights advocacy groups are sounding the alarm about legislation in California backed by Big Tech that critics warn would water down a landmark data privacy law the state adopted last year.

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Dear Elected and goverment officials --------who are you working for??? Excuse me, as I look at the 4th amendment, I see something different for humanity in this strange nation. I really like that amendment as it’s very clear to me!

“The right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated-----” I think that’s perfectly clear that that if I go to a web site, my information cannot be collected in order to sell me something that happens to appear on a page and is not at all intended to show that I want to be tracked by annoying people and companies who see me not as a PERSON, but as a consumer!

Continuing on with the amendment…" and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause by Oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized."

This part is truly disgusting! Is that why they made TVs and computers that spy on people? Besides that —what is the meaning of PRIVACY, if all kinds of business and government can grab our email or account information and send us crap! Or sell our names, or sell information that you think you know about each one of us???If this is legally done by business, then can the People respond in kind and start spying on the elected in Congress and all those government department heads, and do that 24/7? Maybe CEOs need to start worrying about hidden cameras!

Maybe CONGRESS you should show us all how it works by being tracked 24 / 7 yourself! A new job for you, CSPAN! We would like to see you in Congress an governmental d deportment heads being on line 24/7 and monitored, and oh yeah military industrial complex----you too!!! HOW can this country even pretend that it is a democratic republic, if there is no privacy, even on the street with all those security cameras—oh yes, there is one glaring omission… a lot of people go on facebook and don’t seem to mind that the world knows so much about them-----but some of us never liked the idea of a facebook nation and do not use it----- WE have opted out of BEING watched and bartered and sold to whomever.
So government people, please stop this stupidity because most of us want the right to be left alone—and we do not want to be thought of merely as CONSUMERS!
CITIZENS are what we are, and we want you, GOVERNMENT, where many are owned by sellers of human information to PROTECT US------so do your job!,


I don’t think it’s possible to understand what’s going on economically today if you haven’t read Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. Any protection whatsoever of our right to be left the hell alone is a threat to the huge stores of behavioral futures data on which the otherwise incomprehensible wealth of Google and Facebook is based.

Any number of high-tech hijinks which make no sense whatsoever (that Pokemon Go nightmare, for instance) suddenly attain remarkable clarity of purpose in Zuboff’s telling. They, the high priests of high-tech, mean to appropriate every last shred of anything public or private, and Wall Street thinks it’s so cool their valuations soar to stellar heights.

Personally (departing from Zuboff’s opinion), I think their mega data monoliths are fragile as hydrogen dirigibles, in both the technical and financial sense. Technically, their AI hubris is already catching up to them in the form of Boeing’s Ethiopian crash, their storage hubris is now regularly bringing down the Facebook monstrosity, their legal hubris is sometimes reckoned accurately as fraud. Someday, perhaps the “disruption” they so generously bestow will be correctly seen as blight.

Financially, technology is so obviously way past anything any actual people want, there’s a strong basis to believe the tech/surveillance/AI bubble is ripe for popping.


Unfortunately, the “defense” industry alone, which the US government serve slavishly, is more than capable sustaining the tech giants without any input from the general population.
Financially as well as “legally” by way of shielding them from any and all liability or transparency.
I fear it may be overly optimistic to assume this bubble will pop on its own.


What reason did Wicks give for not bringing bill to vote? Make her pay.


Hi AlephNull:
I am truly curious as to why that big NSA site is called BLUFFdale… Probably because if they collect everything—no one has time to find and see anything! :slight_smile:

One reason the rise of the new surveillance state has been so insidious is because people are accustomed to worrying about a state dystopia like the old East Germany, or Orwell’s vision, where the government is sitting on everything. Our current private/public surveillance partnership has slipped in under that radar.

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