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Digital Rights Groups Vow to Fight FCC Chair's Net Neutrality Attack "Tooth and Nail"


Digital Rights Groups Vow to Fight FCC Chair's Net Neutrality Attack "Tooth and Nail"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Open internet advocates slammed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Ajit Pai's plan to dismantle net neutrality, announced as expected on Wednesday, and vowed to fight him "tooth and nail."


This country gets shittier every day.


Ending net neutrality is part of Trump's master plan to be the least transparent POTUS ever.


We are witnessing the federal government being dismantled piece by piece at the most rapid way possible. The cabinet heads are entirely at odds for every high position for the department in which they lead. The losers of course are the ordinary citizens that require government that works for their benefit instead of their corporate masters. Expect everything you have come to rely on and enjoy the be portioned off and sold to the highest bidder.(I call this capitalist looting at everyone's expense) All the rights fought for over the last 60+ years can be removed with the stroke of a pen without any way to redress egregious actions of a government that, to say the least, has been completely unhinged. The GOP controls all 3 branches and will continue the inflict the devastating neoliberal, supply side, trickle down, economics until there is nothing left to loot. Trouble is I'm not sure how to stop it and am not sure if anyone can. Scream everybody, scream, loudly and often. Send emails to your representatives until their inboxes overflow, same goes for the White House, scream before it's too late.


The WWE Network is going to lose money.
The WWE Universe is not going to pay $40 for a $10 package.


Yoho, This country and it's people are fucking fantastic.

The small minority, comprised of the Duopolys most corrupt politicians, that many Americans keep voting for every 2 or 4 years are the reason for your beliefs about how shity this country is.

Exit The Duopoly

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit


This country used to be fantastic. The people are asleep at the wheel or texting somebody. They have no idea what's going on. What with their adult cartoons ( Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) and their fantasy shows with the green screen and cg they are comfortably numb. Brian Williams tell them what to think and Fox......well Fox WTF.
The political process is locked up solid, with nothing to vote for but an endless procession of wall street candidates that promise us what we want to hear, then promptly shove their asses in our faces as soon as they are elected.
Our only hope is outside the political process. Cuting up our credit cards and deal in cash only.
Stop borrowing from them. Use lay a way. Save for a bigger down payment if you can. Start a garden. Compost everything instead of throwing it in the trash.
Reuse, repair, or repurpose, instead of running out and buying new. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. Shop at local businesses, even if you have to pay a little more. Keep your money local. Use a Credit Union instead of a bank. If you have to use a bank, make it a local community bank. Walk , bike, rideshare, or use public transportation, whenever possible. Make your next car all electric if possible. Starve the oil monopoly by driving less, installing more insulation in your attic and walls and if possible install a geothermal HVAC system. When bringing up hot water to your kitchen sink, capture the cold water and use it for your house plants. Most importantly, stop consuming frivolous crap.
Not everybody can do these things. But if some of us can do many of them or many of us can do some of them , it will make a big difference.
I suppose Mealouts will be along shortly, swingin' his penis around and cutting down everything I've suggested here. But maybe he will surprise us and actually add something of value.


We'll see how that goes over once the big corporations start losing money, as they will. I can personally guarantee that if my already high prices go up, I will be using the library instead of having service in my home. if that goes down, then it's back to the old fashioned way, which I am old enough to remember how to use. These boneheads don't comprehend that if you keep wages stagnant, and keep raising prices, there is a point where you start losing money. And yes, the 'wealthy" will still have access. They are only a small percentage of the total population, and they can only access one computer at a time individually, and will have only one carrier in their home. So--not enough. As Reich said in his film, the it's not that the wealthy spend too much, it's that they don't spend enough. Alone they cannot support this economy.


This development is a natural, even inevitable, conclusion of our (humanity's) collective egocentric habits.

Oh, boo hoo! The internet as we have briefly known it is going away! With all the dis-ease it has spawned. Read the data on how computer usage impacts children? It ain't pretty. Nor are e-waste landfills in Africa, or the chemicals used to wash silicon chips, which are now ubiquitous in water supplies.

There's no good reason to cling to this technology. Everything we have learned to do with it can be supplanted by more elegant means--but only as we ourselves surrender to changing fundamentally.

The Trump regime reflects our species' current general level of evolution, in which we experience ourselves as fundamentally separate--from one another, and from the rest of our relations here. There can be no true commons as long as most of us are configured this way. The most ruthless predators will always be the most "successful"--through appropriating what belongs to all Life--as long as we are this way.

The thoroughness and speed with which our species' egocentric habits are now being exposed and played out in all areas of public life, internationally, suggest that we have reached a tight spot in our evolutionary bottleneck, No "solutions" are viable so long as they arise from within our old mode of consciousness.

The most profound help we can offer: find a mirror that will show us where we are still compelled by egocentric habits of moving, perceiving, thinking and acting--and look into it! At length.

Look, unfliching. Feel the shock and pain that come from realizing that we ourselves have been and continue to be criminals, robbing our other relations of what all require for life. Rarely noticing; rarely feeling sorry. Rarely making reparations or even offering gratitude for what we care-less-ly consume.

In an egocentric mode, a human can only be a parasite (at best) or a malignant cancer (more usually) in this Earth.

If we truly want to help, we must muster the courage to face this ruthless destroyer in ourselves. To understand why it is there, and to allow our remorse for the anguish it causes to flood through us. Only when we are so softened and humbled can Life teach us how to be different.

Without such inner work, all "resistance" to predatory regimes is simply another form of violence. For it is violence against the Truth to act as if our species' inarguable destructiveness is someone else's fault. It is violence against the Truth to act as if we are separate like that.

True freedom entails great responsibility; humans are currently prone to demanding the former without growing our capacity for the latter. Nothing Truly changes around here until that changes...