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Digital Rights 'Sold Off' as European Parliament Jettisons Net Neutrality


Digital Rights 'Sold Off' as European Parliament Jettisons Net Neutrality

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a major setback for net neutrality, the European Parliament on Tuesday passed widely-maligned internet regulations without the amendments that rights groups said were crucial to protect free speech, democracy, and innovation online.

Wide loopholes in the rules open the door for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to discriminate against networks, speed up or slow down internet traffic, charge companies for faster loading times, and strip users of protections. The legislation passed 500-163.


"Net neutrality" is impossible. Computers and the Internet are products of capitalism and reflect the values and mindset of capitalism. Only with our capitalist mindset could we routinely accept products which require the destruction of the natural world (mining, production, toxic chemicals, etc.) and the destruction of human communities (sweatshop factories, slave labor, the West-induced civil war in the Congo, invasion of Iraq, etc.) Thus, the Internet is yet another expression of the domination at the core of Western culture (along with capitalism itself, governments, zoos, schools, nuclear weapons, etc.) The Internet will never help strengthen anything remotely democratic because all modern technologies increase alienation. Want democracy? Turn off the computer and walk outside.


True, but don't forget that the American taxpayer paid for the lions share of what constitutes the internet- All of that research and even the content was made by A collective of individuals under A Capitalist system.....


And it should be set up as a public utility!


Total corporate domination is here.....Wait till they allow this crap in the USA...All lawmakers have been bought off....The margins are small when these evil fks vote yes on tyranny....They dont win by big margins....We still have hope but we must get rid of these corporate lawmakers on both sides....Vote them out..


Why didn't you type the weird analysis that capitalist computers are anti democratic and then mail it in?


Net neutrality is not impossible. All it takes are people who do not want to be ripped off. Throwing out labels like capitalism is a cop out. Democracy and Capitalism are not compatible. You are not free if you have to pay more to get what is rightfully already yours. Do you pay for the air you breathe or the sun that shines? So far no…. but keep giving in and those too will cost you more as they poke holes in the sky and make using the sun a crime if you do not pay for it.

For the moment, those who can afford more are comfortable paying more and they are just not paying attention. In time if these polices of extorting the public for what already belongs to the people will overtake them too. Ignorance of one’s own rights and laws is at the core of these problems. The spreading of disinformation and fear causes the inability of one to get off their bums, stand together, and just tell the bastards…...NO!

The Europeans will fight back not like fat Americans that just sit on their butts.