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Digital Watchdog Says Facebook Behind 'Intentional Decrease' in Traffic to Pro-Palestinian Pages

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/digital-watchdog-says-facebook-behind-intentional-decrease-traffic-pro-palestinian


This is no surprise. This has been going on for decades in various news, entertainment, and social media.


Maybe Mark Zuckerberg’s actual name is FUCKERberg. " By his actions you shall know him." Why do people use that site?
Palestinian villages were raided in 1948 by Israel and villagers were murdered then. This harassment has never stopped, and as far as I can see , it will never stop until the Israeli government kills every Palestinian. The Israelis have become multiple Hitlers. : (


About a year ago, numerous left-leaning sites reported many fewer visits
from Google searches. For some reason, the loudest “free speech” voices lately
– anti-vaxers, Covid ‘hoax’ claimants, global warming deniers, white supremacists,
– haven’t opposed censorship of pro-Palestinian and other content critical of Israel.

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Once you encouraged the corporatists to censor your Republican enemies, did you not think they would come for you?


You know, there IS a word that applies here, and it’s Fraud.

Fraud is misrepresenting reality in order to get a payday. Facebook is here sucking up to Israelis, in order to generate Jewish posts and ad buys. IF they had any actual MORALS, they’d have first considered the likely results of their actions, which are MORE repression by the Israelis, as the obverved consequences of their actions just “fade away,” thanks to them being HIDEN by Facebook.

I have no problem with Jews at all… UNTIL they resort to Fraud to get their way, and then, BOY do I have a problem with them…


Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

I think it’s Suckaturd

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Dammit, we gotta decide who we really want to support. The killing of Afghans, Iraqi’s, Yemeni, Palestinians, or Americans? American in many subtle ways.

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Social networks and Google have an arguably illegal monopoly on search that’s endangering democracy. Our government is in bed with these corporations, and not regulating them. Its completely out of control.


Jewish censorship of US media incites anti-Semitism which can be put down because we all know anti-Semitism is wrong. Therefore we should allow Jews full freedom of expression and allow them to silence their critics as bigots, i.e. anti-Semitic.

you know, it’s rather sad that today as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a Jew who sought to bring peace to all of humanity through love and compassion by all people for all people regardless of race or creed; that two thousand and twenty one years later we still have not abandoned hate. Slow learners, aren’t we?

Please don’t tell me “Some of my best friends are Jews”. Of course the Israelis use a broad brush to describe their political enemies as ‘anti-semites’ or ‘racists’. If you can’t see that in most other countries’ descriptions of their political enemies as bigots (yes even here!), you are willfully blind. The whole thing of name-calling like a bunch of 4th grade boys is disgusting.

Jewish censorship of US Media? Name any non-Jewish US media outlet, without just cynically charging anti-semitism instead of simply researching the veracity of this question? When Bezos’ PropR’Not cut traffic to ALL remaining blogs, journalists & independent perspective; US media sneeringly cheered along with David Brock, Mark Penn, CAP and The Atlantic Council crushing nascent lefty blogs, following K Street’s Social Networking advocacy solution firm’s trolling, black-balling journalists, arresting whistleblowers, plugging leaks as Google SEO’d dissent down their memory hole. It’s simply the Canary Mission’s turn? 1st Amendment, my ass!

If ANYBODY questions, investigates, doubts: IDF murders, DNC corruption, FIRE Sector, US Military, Gas & Oil, Media, PhARMA, Agribusiness, 0.01% oligarchs; we must be Trump RooskiBotBernieBroSuperpredatorJihadistEcoterrorists?

Hi Ron_Genise:
That too works well------bith equally awful. : (

Another problem that would be solved by an honest criminal investigation into 9/11.

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