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Diplomacy, Hope, Inspiration, and in Korea


Diplomacy, Hope, Inspiration, and in Korea

Simone Chun, Kevin Martin

History will be made this week with the summit meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. With a second summit between Kim and President Donald Trump looming in four to six weeks or so, it's tempting to look past this first summit, but that would be a mistake. This inter-Korean summit could well be the more important of the two.


With a secretary of state like Mike Pompeo (“Honest, I’m not the war-mongering hawk my words make me out to be!”) and a paper tiger president like “The Donald” (“Hey, I’m a terrific closer”!), it has suddenly occurred to the equally corrupt politicians of both of Korea’s governments that they could make a better deal without the meddling of such clumsy oafs representing the US as those listed above. Meanwhile, the members of the Shanghai cooperative are drooling over the possibilities of adding more members of their own common market.


Congratulations to all the Korean people, both north and south. You’ve earned the respect of the world for your wise - and very brave - decision to live in peace. May Korea prosper for a thousand years!


I am puzzled by your post. You say, “may Korea prosper for a thousand years.” There is no place called Korea. There is a prosperous and free South Korea and a totalitarian prison camp called North Korea.


“There is no place called Korea.”

Wrong. Korea existed over 2000 years before the Japanese converted it into a colony, and before two Americans, Dean Rusk and Charles Bomesteel drew the dividing line. Seen from its long history, long before there was a US, even before England was truly civilised, the few short decades of separation meant nothing. Korea was, is, and will always be Korea.