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Diplomacy Is Better Than War in North Korea


Diplomacy Is Better Than War in North Korea

Lindsay Koshgarian

Today’s historic Singapore Summit, the first meeting of a U.S. president and North Korean leader, has been knocked for too many concessions by the U.S. But against a backdrop of possible nuclear war, it would be overly cynical not to recognize the meeting’s potential for good.


Too early to congratulate Trump.

Nonetheless, I’m confident that Hillary wouldn’t have accomplished shit on the peace front.


And don’t forget president Johnson;

He had an accurate prediction of global climate collapse and chose instead to attack Vietnam. Three million died to save them from becoming communist dominos. It was the domino theory of war pushed by media propaganda.

Peace is cheaper and better than pentagonian wars waged for profit, promotions and a bigger budget.


Having gutted State Department staff Trump is likely increasing the author’s ratio of diplomacy costs compared to war costs.

Once Trump gets North Korean sweetheart financing to build his North Korean resorts and Ivanka gets her North Korean patents Trump will be very reluctant to bomb North Korea. With slave labor building and operating the resorts and Ivanka’s factory workers making today’s sweatshops look like union shops, North Korea may prove to be one of the Trump family’s most profitable venues.


The US government of any party would have to be truly psychopaths to engage in nuclear war over Korea. Kim would also have to have a death wish to engage in nuclear way over The Korean Peninsula. Something he does not have either.
This is a made up crisis.


I suspect it’s a kick-down crisis. Kim probably promised to put some extra cash into one of Trump’s Llcs in exchange for something.


Maybe those beach condos…