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Direct Actions Across Canada Declare: 'Time to Move on' from Tar Sands


Direct Actions Across Canada Declare: 'Time to Move on' from Tar Sands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


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Do you see it? The future we will see takes a few early steps like a toddler learning to walk. Direct action there’s a concept that will become a given, along with civil disobedience too. Let’s hope anyway.

But the future over the decades will grow in desperation as it unfolds. There is no escaping that - given the lack of any action by our leaders. As things go from bad to a helluva lot worse, people will demand action whether it is by protest now or later (sadly) out of sheer desperation there will be great civil unrest.

There will not be business as usual in the future. Governments and politicians have that wrong. There can be no business as usual when there is no water and no crops to feed the starving without water either. Will people calmly sit by and die of famine or thirst? I think not but that is yet decades away so God bless these folks who march in protest and maybe their dedication will prevent their grandchildren living lives of misery and desperation… and civil unrest.


No, nothing wrong with civil unrest - that is what it is going to take to change thing. Are you Canadian? - why do Canadians find the word “revolution” so scary?


The days of what was called revolution back in the sixties are over. “You say you want a revolution…” from the Beatles song - that kind of revolution was actually just a desire for change. Despite the overly dramatic fervor expressed by many 60’s ‘radicals’ (I’m smiling here …lol) we nevertheless wanted peaceful change and though we embraced civil disobedience, we did not seek civil unrest.

Civil disobedience is what I think you are really talking about when you say ‘civil unrest’ because civil unrest is violent, often bloody, mindlessly destructive and… leaderless as well. Civil unrest is the physical representation of a mob mentality combined with a sense of anonymity which stimulates rapid escalations of violence and of course provides an excuse for violent and often lethal responses from militarized police forces as we have seen so many times in different parts of the world.

It is also a sad fact that provocateurs will in fact incite unrest as an excuse to invite a show of force crackdown by police or the military that is one sure way to disperse an inconveniently peaceful and lawful demonstration which may be too effective at mobilizing people. Civil unrest has always been one of the main excuses used by fascists to wrest power from elected civilian control in the past… and it will be the excuse that will be used in the future.

You ask why people find the word revolution scary? What scares people is what exactly is meant by ‘revolution’. For some it is an infantile desire for a mindless chaos - the ‘tear it all down because it is rotten to the core’ absurdity which never stops to think about where will the food come from to fill the supermarkets and that runs the power plants for electricity or provides tap water. It is as if the idiots yell ‘tear it down!’ and yet they somehow expect regular life to be there tomorrow as usual. Food in the markets, electricity, heat, water, their homes and apartment buildings intact, stores open gas for their cars… and paychecks to be collected at the end of the week. Riots and other forms of civil unrest do fill paychecks. Unchecked fires and looting is not revolution so be realistic and don’t confuse the two.

But in the future, as the penalties of climate change worsen, sheer desperation will cause widespread civil unrest all over the world and the response it elicits from the powerful will not be democracy’s finest hour. It is that scenario where power stops believing in democracy and instead equates retaining power as survival that is to be feared.

History has no equivalent to the long term climate catastrophe that our over populated, over stressed, overly violent and perhaps increasingly undemocratic world will soon face. In that future of famine, drought, misery and hopelessness for hundreds of millions, civil unrest is inescapable and so will the death toll it elicits. There is no revolution possible anymore! In fact there never was. Do you think there is some cadre of educated revolutionaries ready to form a new government in waiting? That’s utter fantasy and total bullshit!

We live in a state of sleeping fascism at present. All the necessary strong arm capabilities are in place but at rest for the moment. Civil unrest could easily awaken that sleeping dragon and democracy would be its first victim. Data mining/total surveillance has a relatively gentle touch right now. An unobtrusive surveillance state but that could flip almost instantly into an active state if there were widespread civil unrest and removing power from the powerful once they have grabbed hold of it is a very hard thing to do.

Civil disobedience and protest are lawful and just. Civil unrest however is democracy’s suicide. Or haven’t you noticed that overt fascism is well prepared and seemingly just looking for an excuse. Democracy is for the little guy. The ordinary citizen’s way of having a say in what goes on. If you are powerful then democracy gets in the way of you doing what you want. That’s what power is. The exercising of that power is either democracy or plutocracy… and the keeping of that power by an elite is usually totalitarian.

Let’s all hope that in the future that a real revolution doesn’t become necessary to restore democracy because that would certainly be a hard fight in this world of soft electronic fascism. So if you do want a revolution then do what you can to preserve democracy while yet you still have it because the world is headed for serious hard times and democracy will definitely be under constant threat in the decades ahead.

Maybe there should be a new song verse >>> "You say you don’t want a revolution because you rather keep the constitutional one that you already have.

No I’m not a Canadian …I’m a yank! Up the colonials! Happy Fourth of July!


“Civilization” is predicated on the frontier–endless land, minerals, energy and water. That the term “globalization” can be uttered sans shame is remarkable. We had to cover the circumference of the world to find our limits, and we did. Pogo had it right!


You may be right about it being decades away… but

ht tp://w ww. resilience .org/stories/2015-07-03 /will-climate-chaos-reign-in-the-anthropocene

This does describe possible changes in even 3 years… or a decade… that has been researched from the past… and with the kind of weather that has been happening across just this country alone… so faLr this spring and summer… I can see something a bit quicker than …decade(s) away… either way… it is a process…so if you are talking decades… 3?.. it just means that by that time the billion? …or so that will be starving and dying of thirst, will have been growing from the first 10million… 30 million, 100 million… starting… NOW…the funny thing is… no one expects it to be “me”… it’s always viewed as … someone in those poor far away countries…