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Director of National Intelligence Admits Government Used Section 215 to Track Browsing History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/director-national-intelligence-admits-government-used-section-215-track-browsing

I hate to break the news to all those pearl clutching democrats out there in tv land, but Ed Snowden told us all what was going on almost ten years ago. Every piece of domestic communications short of snail mail letters is being monitored and stored by the NSA. Snowden told us this and it was met by the US populace by a collective yawn, with most calling for Snowden’s head instead.
The whole Snowden revelation should have been a hint as to where America was headed, and how a Donald Trump became possible. We’re not interested in truth. We are interested in perpetuating the American fantasy of exceptionalism. Anyone who speaks out against that fantasy is now an enemy.
We have truly learned to love Big Brother.


Tip: I added Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation as an extension in Firefox.

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Snail mail is opened and read, incoming and outgoing since about 1905.
ww1 increased the workload for commies, sabeteurs and suspicious persons.
We also listened into all their phone calls, attended their meetings. They were wrapped.

Continued thru 20’s and 30’s. ww2 was also port security - which is being used today, again after 9/11.

The red scare upped the ante. Bad news is that too many innocent folks were ruined at universities, business because they had an in law or former room mate who was on somebodies list. Ron reagan was an FBI snitch in Hollywood as a democrat, president of screen actors guild.

This story is hilarious. One friggin case out of 335,000,000 americans. And it may have been a genuine need at the time. We do not want kkk types or Fort Hood assassin Husan to surprise us.

A micro-opinion I can relate to, conveyed by Jeffrey:

“If people don’t like ‘defund the police’ I’m cool with going back to ‘fuck the police’.”


i wonder what website it was - i doubt that it was a right wing nutcase one.


Big brother is watching except he’s no brother of any of us.