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'Dirty and Dangerous': New Data Show Higher Rates of Contamination in Pork Plants Using New Slaughter System

That’s beyond gross!!!

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Not too weird at all. I share the sentiment 100%!

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And this is predictable:



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Do you have a reference for this? I would have thought this would never be economical as opposed to spraying a pesticide which can be a much smaller kg/land area application. I’ve heard of ground based manure spraying but not aircraft based and I searched a bit without finding a link.

When I gave it up in 1980, my own health was not one of the reasons (ecology, world hunger, and to a lesser extent animal welfare arguments). But of course I encourage everyone to give it up.

If you choose to eat meat, you simply have to cook it thoroughly and watch for cutting board or other equipment interactions with items you aren’t cooking. This fully protects you against E. coli and every other pathogen I know of save for prions (mad cow), which I think is a very rare problem these days, but there is no possible protection at the consumer level.

Lots of discussion online. The Brits call muck-spraying. As I said, not sure if still happens. Maybe they have banned it by now.
News all over. Surprised that you haven’t heard about it.

I looked briefly at link #1 and #3. Neither seem to include aircraft spraying, but #3 talks about a drone getting footage of ground based spraying. I also looked at link #2 which does discuss spraying from a plane, but that article appears to be a joke (~https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/drunk-crop-duster-drop-manure/).

It just doesn’t make sense that this would happen. Planes spray pesticides, and maybe herbicides, but when you are talking any form of fertilizer, things get a lot heavier, and manure mixed with water is quite heavy.

Planes carry water to fight fires because they are desperate to put out a fire - I just can’t imagine these types of planes (you’d need a big one) carrying a manure slurry that you’d slowly meter out over crops.

Self-inspection works great, just ask Boeing.

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I disagree. I doubt that the Kansas thing with the drunk pilot spraying manure over a city area was a joke. It was intended for his farm and the mishap was covered on other newsites as well.
I’m sorry I can’t find the one I read some time back, where a rural resident was complaining about the regular spraying of his house and the area with pig manure.

These articles are plentiful. Search with: airplane spray manure

This article reviews a North Carolina area where aerial spraying from the ground into the air to dispose of pig farm manure is causing a lawsuit.


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Are you reading these links before posting? So far the worldnewsdailyreport is the only one discussing the manure coming from an airplane - and it IS a joke. Have you looked at that one carefully? It says on the upper right - “World News Daily Report - where facts don’t matter”. There about page is pretty funny too.

The ~wisconsinwatch.org page is clearly discussing ground based spraying:

Applying liquid manure to fields using pipelines and farm irrigation systems is less expensive than trucking manure and applying it with traditional land-spreading rigs.

I can’t check that last link as it thinks I have an adblocker (which I don’t think I do), but just saying spray feces air doesn’t mean it’s coming from an airplane.

If you continue to disagree, OK, but I’m not budging from my position - manure is not applied from airplanes - either never ever, or maybe some idiot felt like ruining his plane’s equipment and trying out an experiment which is completely pointless as it couldn’t possibly be profitable.

If any meat eaters need a good reason to stop eating meat, I suggest they pay a visit to any American, animal. slaughter house.

Solution: don’t eat pork.

Yes, there are places in the southern states where feral pigs can be hunted.

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Perhaps “Mar-a-Loco?”

I hear they run wild on the golf courses down there.

Want to hurt corporate slaughter houses? Do not eat pork, beef or chicken and bingo, problem solved. Or if that is too inconvenient then cut back as much as possible - we do not have to play by their rules. I am not a vegetarian but I will not consume beef or pork. Chicken on increasingly rare occasions.